MUST READ: Single But Engaged: See Why You Need To Quit That Relationship


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Have you ever wondered about several relationship status that are in place? Some people are single, some engaged, some married, divorced or widowed.

And there are also no exceptions to people who are married but single, engaged but having an affair and the likes of being single but engaged. Though, there are no formal grounds for all of that but they exist.

However, in their existence, they have a repercussion for anyone who carries that status consciously or unconsciously.

It’s Genesis

There are many singles who are in a relationship, “we’re friends”, they call themselves but are behaving as though they’re married. Some sees each other but some have this relationship on virtual platforms such as Facebook, whatsapp etc.

When you do all the things that are meant for married couples such as exchanging intimate affection and feelings, saying sweet things to each other and so on, in the long run, you will be single but emotionally engaged.

Some would even go the length of having premarital sex or cohabit with the belief that they’ll marry each other. That’s a wrong entry into marriage, I must say. How would you feel if the relationship fails to work out as planned?

Prior to that, some people believe the best way to be connected to the person you’re in a relationship with is to engage in sexual related activities,  that’s okay for married couples but not for singles.

The likes of kissing, petting, caressing and all that should not be tolerated because when you start it, you’ll ignite the flames you may not likely be able to quench.

It may seem to you as a flimsy issue but there’s more to it than what you think.

It’s common sense to see it a light issue, but if you’re to face the truth, you don’t need to do that because if you do, you’ll feel emotionally attached and in the long run, intimacy will build up.

When boundaries are not created in a relationship, it’ll gravitate towards sexual immoralities because you’d believe you are doing the right thing.

It’s Effects

If you’re single but engaged to someone who’s not your ‘legal’ spouse, you stand the risk of not only having a heart break, but a life break.

When the relationship fails to work, wouldn’t you wished it had never happened? Don’t build your life with someone who has no intention of having a life with you.

There are men that are mean likewise women too. You’ll end up wasting your time, life, body and resources on a futile investment.

Be single and single indeed! Don’t waste away your life while awaiting the right person by doing trial and error with boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.

You can’t date him or her to know the right person, but you can ‘date’ God to know the right person. Trust me, I have seen it work.

And for Christian singles, be careful of such instances in your relationship. Don’t be single but emotionally engaged to someone that’s not your spouse.

If you’re trusting God for a partner, doing that will only create a tone for ‘leaning on your understanding’ as the scripture says.

How can you be crying to God for a partner and at the same time, you’re emotionally engaged to someone that’s not His will for your life? Don’t deceive yourself you will be keeping idols in your heart! When you do this, it’s amount to futility because you’re not willing to depend on Him totally.

And whenever you pray, your mind will work up the image of the person you’re emotionally attached to do. In a confusing scenario, they’ll even appear in your dream.

 Quit all emotional relationship you’re in to and depend on God so that your waiting time will not be longer than usual.

Aren’t you single but engaged?

 (c) Mayowa Adeniyi 2015


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