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‘My dad’s parents never wanted me before they died’ – BBNaija’s Angel reveals – FashionStyleng


• Angel feels her dad’s parents didn’t want their son giving birth to a child out of wedlock, so, basically they didn’t want her.

Ex-Big Brother Naija season 6 Shine Ya Eye star, and reality television ex-contestant, Angel Agnes Smith has made it known during a podcast session with Temisan Emmanuel, on Tea With Tay podcast that after she was born, her dad’s parents never wanted her.

The reality star stated that her dad and mom had her when they were very young, her mom precisely 15 or 16 at the time, and it was hard for them to fend for her and themselves as well.


So, they had to leave her with her maternal grandmother, who just came back from London. But even at her granny’s place, life wasn’t easy for her as well.

Angel said that before her paternal parents died in 2019, they never wanted a grandchild like her, so she wasn’t able to know what they both look like.


“Well, my mom had me when she was like 15 or 16, and my dad had me earlier as well. So, obviously my mom had to fend for herself,” Angel said.

She continued, “My dad engaged my mom, but I don’t know what happened, I never asked. They just broke up. It was hard.


“My dad’s family never wanted me. 2019 was when they died, they never saw me. I don’t know what they look like actually. I can’t tell what my dad’s parents was like.

“So, they (my mom and dad) had to fend for themselves, they were still children as well, while raising a child. So, my granny picked me, and my mom left Nigeria, and started living in Ghana. I can’t really tell when my dad was at the time. I was a child, so everything was so pretty sketchy.


“So, I just had to be raised with my granny, who was more reliable and she had just come back from London by then. So, she just raised me, basically. She was up to the task, seeing that she has two kids of her own. {(function(d, s, id) {
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