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Love Egbule is the winner of Africa Diva Reality TVshow 2015 and founder Ugochi Love Foundation. In this interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM, the Abia State born actress reveals her passion for humanity and her future plans.

What was your early experience in the industry like?

I started up in Nollywood in 2000 when Francis Agwu shot “The boy is mine.” Ever since then I have been striving to make my mark. The competition then was much and my complexion posed a great challenge for me. Another challenge was the scar I sustained when I was involved in a ghastly motor accident. Sometimes when I go for an audition because of the scar it becomes a big challenge. But what really gave me an edge and platform was when I won the Africa diva reality show last year. Since then I have not looked back.

What really inspired you to take up this challenge?

I have lots of passion for the movie industry.

You took part in the Africa Diva Reality TV show, what was the feeling like when you won?

I was dumbfounded when I heard my name as the winner of the talent show produced by Nollywood Chika Ike. I was extremely excited when I won the Africa Diva Reality TV show. I never saw it coming…when they announced me the winner I couldn’t breathe. I kept telling everyone that asked me that it was just like a miracle.

What can you say were your challenges before the talent hunt?

The challenges I have encountered are numerous even though I have passion for the industry. One of them was that whenever I went for audition because of my skin colour and the scar on my head, it was a big challenge. Many a time, when I go for auditions no matter how good I am, these factors would run you down – the scar on my face, it also made me lose confidence in myself because whenever I was selected for a role, something just came up and thwarted it. But now, after summoning courage, I went for that Africa Diva Reality TV show and God anointed me to win. That was how I bounced back.

Do you think movie practitioners should focus more on talent than physical appearance?

Yes because I’m a victim. This should be curtailed and those practitioners should be checked. Today there are many beautiful and handsome actors who can’t interpret roles but they get it because of their looks. Why not try the not so beautiful and handsome and see if they won’t do something better. I’m urging directors and producers to look beyond physical appearance of an individual but the content in the personality. Give them the opportunity to showcase their talent because when you refuse to give them the opportunity, it kills their ego and brings down their confidence. Beyond those physical attributes, there are great potentials a producer or director could explore.

How was growing up like?

Growing up for me wasn’t easy because we lost our bread winner, my dad, when I was in secondary school, JSS2 to be precised. My dad was the pillar of the family, it was a bit difficult to finish my secondary school. I had to go into menial job like carrying palm fruits after school for people and farming that got me saving like N200 every day. At the end of the month, I used the money to train myself in school, buy bread to sell so that I could save money to complete my secondary school education. Continuing with that, l came to Abuja to further my education. I had my diploma in mass communication, and now I’m running BSc in sociology. So growing up for me wasn’t easy and fun like other children.

Yours is a great story and many ladies in your shoes would have derailed. What kept you going?

Yes…these challenges I encountered growing up, they are what have been keeping me going. It has given me hope to live and believe that I will surely be whatever I want to be. Many people in my shoes would have gone into prostitution and other vices but I know the kind of family I come from and would not want to disappoint my late dad. I strongly believe that I can do it and that’s why I keep on striving to be great and better.

Is the same experience what also necessitated your foundation?

Yes my foundation Ugochi Love Foundation is channeled towards helping the youth especially young ladies in our society. Considering where I’m coming from, that’s the place I grew up- Umuahia in Abia State, it’s a big challenge for people living in the rural areas to take up the responsibility of their children or training a girl child up to university level. I want to use this avenue to help the young ones who have the dream of completing their education but due to lack of funds their parents couldn’t. I want to use my foundation to help them out. And I will be working in collaboration with my state government on this. Though I have been doing this on my own, I will be happy if I get support from various individuals, even if the president wants to assist, I can’t say no (laughter). My dream is to see the girl-child educated and out of the streets. If I can do this, I will be fulfilled.


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