My God Is Stronger Than You


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Canadian based Nigerian singer, Miss Stephanie Otobo, who alleged to be the former girlfriend of the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, has released another video.

Last week Sunday, the mother of Miss Stephanie Otobo along her elder sister visited OFM to apologize to Suleiman on behalf of their daughter, asking for his forgiveness.

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Suleiman confessed to have forgiven Stephanie from his heart and warned his congregation not to comment on the issue again.

However, in her new video, Stephanie, who is not happy about her mother’s visit, says she serves a God that is bigger and stronger than Apostle Suleiman.

She also said Suleiman is so desperate and would have humiliated her family if she was the daughter of a prominent man.

She said:

“I know my God is stronger than you. My God has more connections than you. You are just a man, an ordinary man. I have seen your nakedness. You are like an agbero, like a vulture.

“You are so skinny like a rat. I am not scared of you. I am standing on the truth and the truth will come out.

“I place a curse on you that shame and destruction with come upon you for this you’ve done. I am fighting for every Christian out that must have been abused by you….

“The God of truth will send his fire to destroy you to say the truth.”

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Meanwhile, Social media users have got no chill as they come for both Miss Stephanie Otobo and Apostle Suleiman in the comment session of her video.

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With over 1,000 ., most people say Stephanie is a bitch who got paid for her sexual services, therefore has no right to blackmail her client, while others think Apostle Suleiman is guilty as accused.

. are some . .:

“You are a stupid desperado so what if at all he fuck you did he rape you what is your mission go find a life beach.”

“While you all busy these man is enjoying himself as seen in the above picture does apostle Johnson Suleiman look like one bows to treats.”

“U we go and beg his wife for doing date to his husband shameless fool.”

“Brave gurl, wish you strength in your fight.”

“It’s a pity if u are still looking for the truth, Onyi. We  have seen people like these countless times within our corridors.she’s on an assignment.but everything has an expiry date.her’s is very numbered.”

“I am enjoying the drama, let it continue.”

“The truth can never be hidden time they said is the best teacher.”

“Even if it is true, what did he do to her? She said he slept with her and gave her huge sums of money which she obviously did not share with her poor family if true. First, she said her mother was threatened and arrested twice. Now it’s abuse.

“My sincere advice to u young woman don’t be afraid of anybody no matter what, but that is only if u are telling the truth, like JESUS said to the Jews in John 32:8 u shall tell truth and truth shall set u free but if u know that u are paid to speak against this man u should better stop it and ask forgiveness from God.

“Know what truth? David in Bible sleep with many women and it does not stop him to be Man of God, you should be ashamed of yourself bls your private part is your respect as a woman. If he sleeps with you then what? You are an idiot young girl stop that shit, even if he is real Man of God or not sleeping with you old pussy means nothing so stop nonsense and go to hell.”

Miss Stephanie Otobo [Watch]


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