“My House-Help Has Infected Me With AIDs And I Now Fear For My Pregnant Wife”


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This man is in deep trouble after discovering his house-help is HIV+ yet they have been having se.x for over four months which automatically means he is infected

It does not stop there, he suspects he has infected his pregnant wife or might infect her in the near future and endanger the life of their unborn child.

“I am at a point in life where it seems meaningless to exist on this planet. I just discovered that my house-help is HIV+ yet I have been having se.x with here for the past four months or so without any form of protection,

What started like a joke has now pushed me to the edge and I believe either my wife is infected or will soon be infected with the virus, although I have not taken tests to confirm if I already contracted,

I recently bumped into my 18-year-old house-help taking some strange tablets in our kitchen and when I confronted her, she said sh was on anti-retro-viral medication. I could not believe it and just left for work.

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But it kept coming up and I decided to call her while at work just to be sure she was not pulling a fast one on me. She claimed to have been diagnosed with the virus at 16 years and has been on medication since then.

I was livid, I asked her why she never bothered to let me know so I could at least exercise caution but she said it was difficult to get there since she was se.xually starved when I initiated this dangerous affair,

I know you may call me stupid for having an affair with my house-help in the first place but that is water under the bridge, it has happened and I am here, with a pregnant wife expecting our first-born and I am not sure they are safe,

I can no-longer comfortably have se.x with my wife and if I start using protection on her now, what excuse or reason shall I give?

I am seeking your guidance on how best to approach this situation, I really love my wife and regret the temptation I fell for”.

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