“My Husband Ejec ulates Inside My Ear” – Woman Shares Shocking Story


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This is absolutely shocking! A woman has shared a touching and painful story how her husband has turned her into a

slave by c umming in her ear even when she refuses. He will threaten and beat her up each time she dares to refuse.

As a result of this wicked act, the woman has now developed ear infection.

Read the shocking story by the woman below.

My case is a very strange one, and might sound very mysterious to some.

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My husband was once a very nice man not until he lost his job, and to crown it all, we do not have kids cause of some complications I had during our time of dating – I had series of abortions.

I have been the one carrying the home for months now, which I am not complaining. But, my husband has become so strange, each time we make love and he wants to cu m, he c ums inside my ear. Yes, it’s strange and I am no longer finding it funny because my ear has been infected. But, if I refuse he will pick offence and beat me up.

I decided to report him to his family, and they called a meeting. That was where he told us that a prophet told him that my womb is inside my ear, the only way I can get pregnant is for him to c um inside my ear which is the supposed womb.

I was shocked to the bones that my husband could be brain-washed at his age and level of exposure. The family settled us but he still continued and wanted to still release inside my ear, I refused and threatened to divorce him, but he said if I can’t take it, I should pack and go.

Please, I need to know how to go about this, I have prayed and fasted and I am tired. I can’t hear with one ear because it’s infected and I am still treating it. Now my marriage is in shambles. Help me, please.

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