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Wedding Stories is an ongoing series w. fashionstyle readers share their most hilarious wedding experiences.
When I heard about the wedding stories series, I was glad that I finally had a way to share my story and warn brides on the need to vet their wedding vendors properly.

I wanted to start early on my wedding plans, so I started trying to contact my vendors on time. I didn’t want a case of “oh sorry, I’m all booked”. I found this interesting venue decorator on Instagram. She had a fifty percent off promo going on and it felt like she was sent from heaven. I contacted her, and we agreed on all the details.

wedding stories

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A few weeks to the wedding, I sent her a very elaborate email on what I wanted and sadly, I paid her in full. The day before the wedding, I called to ask how it was going and she said she was already at the venue decorating. I happily ticked that off my list and relaxed.

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My brother was in charge of drinks so he had to go to the venue early on my wedding day, that’s when I got the bad news. He called to say nothing was happening, nothing had been done and the decorator wasn’t even t.. I can’t explain all the emotions I felt in that instant.


I called the decorator and she kept saying she was coming. After the fourth “I’m coming,” it dawned on me that I was doomed.

wedding stories

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After a while, we called someone else. I couldn’t pay in full because all the money we had was tied to something. We paid him half and he did whatever he liked. My sisters had to tell him to cover some chairs on the high table, at least.

I still have breakdowns from thinking about what my hall was supposed to look like and what it looked like because I was so naive.

Brides and grooms, especially when you’re planning the wedding yourself, vet your vendors properly and meet with them before the wedding. Find people who have used the vendor and find out how the experience was for them. Also, make sure you have someone to supervise your vendors so when they say they’re doing something, it can actually be confirmed. I learnt the hard way, but you don’t have to.

wedding stories

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