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 Chance brought them together but love made them stick together! Tega and Mike shares their story with us, and wait till you read how to groom-to-be gushes about his bride, Tega! Love is a beautiful thing…..check out all the photos courtesy of Ola Ere Photography.

How they met:

Our story began in February 2012. It was my first day at work and a friend of mine who has been working there brought me to work to show me the place, unfortunately, my friend forgot his Id and was not allowed to go in without it. 

I on the other hand also forgot my purse at home .I had no money or bus pass to get back home.I was stranded . It was my first day and I knew no one there. When work started , I noticed MIKE staring at me and didn’t  take his eyes off me for a minute lol . He tried having conversation with me , but I was not interested to talk .

 I was in a bad mood and the only thing i could think of, was how to find my way back home. As the day went on , I was talking to the person training me .I explained my situation to her . She told me MIKE lives in the same area with me and he could be of help. she explained what happened and asked him if he could drop me near by I can find my way.we had brief conversation on the way back and i felt a kind of connection between us . He asked for my contact and we started communicating . And as they say the rest is history!

I believe God planned the whole circumstances surrounding that day, because i got a call that very day to start a better job the following day.so i never went back to the job. If i was not stranded that day, we would not have had the opportunity to talk. He his a very nice, caring and awesome guy . His my soul mate , my everything.I cant wait to say i do and spend the rest of my life with my love !!


In august 2013. We both went for a weekend getaway . I was asleep that early morning, when i felt something in my finger. I woke up and saw MIKE on one knee beside the bed putting a ring on my finger. 

He was smiling and asked the big question. I was surprised, with excitement I jumped up from my sleep and said a big yes! That day has materialized and here we are now planning our wedding and in few weeks we are tying the knot forever!!

I thank God for bringing such a beautiful damsel like Tega . I still recall vividly the day we met, when our colleague asked me to help her . I was so happy and could not wait for us to finish work .I said to my self ‘now she has no choice than to talk if shes in my car’, because I admired her and had tried having conversations with her during work hours but she seemed very reserved. That actually made me more interested in her .
To cut the long story short, I worked hard and she became ‘my woman ‘. Ever since she came into my life, things has turned around for me. Shes my ‘ LUCKY CHARM ‘. Shes a woman any man would wish for, an independent

, strong and caring woman . Shes my all.I cant wait to make her my wife! Grow old with her and nurture our kids together .

looking forward to the big day !!!




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