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Native Wears Designs For Trendy Nigerian Women

Nigerian women love to look good and that is why they show no hesitation when it comes to dressing up in any fashion. Some days they may decide to put on ready-made apparel; other days they wear native wears made with indigenous fabrics such as Ankara, lace, Adire, Kente, brocade, Aso oke, etc. The special thing about these fabrics is that they can easily be interpreted to tell the African story. This then makes it important to know the native wears for Nigerian women.

As the styles of traditional outfit improve, so do the native wears for Nigerian women increase. Some years back, traditional attires like senator and Agbada were considered strictly for men. Nowadays, women rock Agbada and senator even better than the men. Do you have a wedding to attend, a traditional occasion or you simply want to dress in a native attire to work or church? Keep reading as here in this article are some of the native wears for Nigerian women made with different kinds of African fabrics and irresistible designs.


 The Ankara fabric is a major source of native wears for Nigerian women. It can be used in making any outfit of your choice. For most weddings in Nigeria, lace and Ankara have been used as Aso Ebi. The fabric has an indigenous feel such that when it is worn, it is tagged “native”. Ankara can be sewn into short gowns, long dresses, suits, jumpsuits, playsuits, etc





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