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Its not every time one is interested in a heavily baked face, sometimes allowing your face to breath does your skin a lot of good. Lets remember that as much as we love making up, this products are hardly organic, they are packed filled with chemicals that can result in a damaged skin and so its important that we leave the baking and caking for days that we really need them. Other days, a simple natural makeup application would suffice.

As much as I love to apply makeup, I do not have the strength to apply them everyday and so a simple way to enhance your beautiful is by trying out a natural make-up look. This look is for everybody and this includes those who are or have just began to ease them-self into makeup. The “Natural make-up look” is perfect and .’s the simple summary of how to go about it;


What You’ll Need:

  • Moisturizer (Tinted)
  • Concealer
  • Foundation (optional)
  • Mascara (optional)
  • Eyeliner
  • Eye pencil (optional)
  • Powder
  • Bronzer
  • Highlighter (optional)
  • Lip gloss or balm
  • Blush (optional)

Lets get started:

  • Wash your face and then apply a tinted moisturizer, this would provide more coverage.
  • Use a concealer to cover and hide all blemishes; do this sparingly.
  • Finish off the first stage with powder, this would cover up the shine.
  • Bronzer or highlighter makes your face pop so brush on a little bit.
  • Put the smile on your face with a little bit of blush application.
  • Eyeliner or Eye-shadows are not necessary but if you want to let the eye-shadow be neutral color or one that marches your skin.
  • Finally apply a coat of lip gloss or sheer lipstick.

Its one thing to actually write it down but I want you to see how well a natural make-up looks like so watch this video tutorial from YouTube Chanel Lillizlive

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What way do you prefare to apply your makeup? Share in the comment section below.

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