Ndidi Obioha Shares One Of Her Embarrassing Moments As A Wedding Planner


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Ndidi Obioha

We all love well-planned event – especially weddings.

But have you ever thought about what the planners go through?

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Ace wedding planner – Ndidi Obioha – in an interview with Sunnewsonline tells an interesting story of her most embarrassing moment as a wedding planner.

Particularly when you encounter uncultured people. You do an event when you have agreed with the client about the style of admission. I once had a crazy crowd size. Right from conception, we agreed that we would have placement cards to indicate the sitting arrangement, so that the guests would come with their placement cards. We took our time to number the cards and allocated the guests expected to be at the event to specific tables. So, in coming for the event its not just about bringing the wedding card, it’s the place¬ment card that we put in the wedding card that we expected them to come with. We had a situation that we had a relative
of the bride who decided she didn’t need to come with her placement card – to her it was all about her relationship to the bride. She went on shouting and screaming.

That does not stop her from loving her job though

I would say that God has been so fantastic. There has been no event that we did that we didn’t receive a “Thank You” card from the client. The appreciation I get from my client is what matters most to me. It’s not the money. The ‘thank you’ is my greatest satisfaction not the money they pay to me.

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