Neon Goodness! The Chromatic Trend We Didn’t See Coming


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There is a colour trend alert – Neon! A reason why you should get in line is that haters are about to go blind from the shine. (We are just saying!)

It seems like nowadays, a lot of people are getting more daring with their fashion choices and going all out in the most unusual way possible. This however is one we didn’t expect – neon!

The monochrome trend is back and its monochromatic features just increased in major doses – Neon style! Since fashionistas are including this feature to make ultimate statements, this colour in all its glory is back with a bang!

Instagram / Mariipvzz

Instagram / Tk Wonder

We are unsure how it re-ignited but we are giving you a little background story anyway! As the biggest influencer in the world, Kim Kardashian literally has to just add a common feature to her outfits to make it a trend. (People like to deny this but we are facing facts .).

Instagram / Kim Kardashian Snap

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In the last month or so, this has been going on. The most noticeable one has to be her neon latex dress and matching neon whip to 2 Chainz and Kesha Ward’s wedding, that got a lot of people talking!

Instagram / Tlazsa

Might be true or not but ever since the fashion crowd has been and is still wallowing in the goodness of this trend. From elegant power suits to casually chic outfits, even the runways of New York Fashion Week wasn’t left out of the lit trend.

Instagram / Hafymo

Instagram / Mariipvzz

Statement-making, colour popping, whatever way you choose to describe this, we are so down. We have to ask you though, is this something you would be willing to pull off?

For more colour trail, see Lisa Folawiyo and Chef Chi get on the Ombre train!



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