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New Ankara Styles for Men and Women 2020 – Latest Ankara


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Ankara is synonymous with African fashion. In fact, people from other climes are falling in line and taking interest in this fashion idea.  T. is rarely any African that does not have a dress made of Ankara in his or her wardrobe or at least, t. is none that has not used an Ankara fabric before, be it male or female.

  In times past, Ankara was not seen as a worthy fabric, but the tide has turned these days to the extent that even celebrities are taking interest in Ankara.  Do you want to make a unique fashion statement everyw. you go and cause heads to turn in your direction?

You can achieve your aim by going for any of the new Ankara styles that have taken over the entire place today.    

Female Ankara styles

Ankara is capable of emphasizing your
feminism as no other fabric can. The beauty of it is that it can be shaped and
designed in any way you want, which makes it easy for all and sundry to give it
a try. 

The variety of colors and patterns
also make Ankara the fabric of choice for every female.  Aside from giving you that unique beautiful
appearance, the new Ankara styles can also confer a traditional look on you
that can transform you into that highly desired African queen.

Ankara short gown styles

ankara short gown

One of the new Ankara styles out t. is the short gown style.  It is the perfect choice of a design for any social gathering, including wedding parties and so on. 

It can also fit your casual purposes.  In fact, every Nigerian woman should have this special design of new Ankara styles in her wardrobe.  The tailoring is very simple and it can come in various forms as highlighted below:

  • A-silhouette
  • Straight
  • Shirtdress
  • And
    so on

The sleeve can either be
three-quarter or short, depending on what you prefer. Usually, the short Ankara
gowns do not go beyond the knees.  The
fabric can add some brightness to your appearance and make you stand out from
the crowd.  What is more, you can wear
this beautiful dress to the office without feeling like a fish out of the

The Ankara long gown 3>

This is among the new Ankara styles out t. and it comes in the form of traditional styles. It is among the best Ankara styles for festive purposes.  In most instances, the long Ankara gowns feature peplum to help accentuate the waist. 

Ankara long gown

Also, other items can be added to give this style a unique appearance, like lace and chiffon.  Certain elements, like cuts, all kinds of inserts, capes, ruches and even frills are usually added to the new Ankara styles being made today.    

In many occasions, this style of
Ankara comes with necklines featuring complicated patterns; some of the common
patterns featured in the new Ankara styles made today are:

  • Décolleté
  • Open
  • Back

Ankara styles for men

Men are also not left behind in Ankara designs.  Many big celebrities and superstars in Nigeria sport various designs of Ankara and the trend is going international. 

What is more, the fabric is easy to find and it is relatively affordable.  In fact, various new Ankara styles for men are featured at fashion parades globally. 

The new Ankara styles for men do not require many accessories and the man will still look cute and handsome.

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Ankara suit

New Ankara styles can come in the form of suits and it always looks beautiful and impressive. Unlike the European kind of suit, this type of suit can be adorned for social events and casual purposes.

You can wear it to the club or even to a wedding party. If you like, you can adorn it to the church or make it your choice of fashion to work. It is versatile and will give top value for money at all times. 

You can add a necklace if you so desire or just wear a round-neck under the jacket. You do not need to . up the jacket; you can leave it like that for that exquisite fashionable appearance. 

The new Ankara styles can come in the form of a 2-piece suit or a three-piece suit.  You can make both the jacket and the pants from Ankara or you can just place an Ankara jacket on a black pair of pants.

Ankara jacket and shorts

This is among the new Ankara styles being sewn today and many celebrities love it with passion.  You do not have to add any accessory to it other than a fitting pair of shoes.

Bear in mind that black shoes always go together with this style. You can equally go an extra length by wearing shows made of the same Ankara material.

Ankara trousers

Many men also prefer just Ankara
trousers on which they put on a matching shirt. This is among the new Ankara
styles being made today, but the trouser is made in a different fashion and
style to make it perfectly fitting. A pair of glasses and a nice looking
wristwatch with a befitting pair of shoes will make this fashion idea one of
the best.

Ankara shirt

Many celebrities and fashion lovers also go for just Ankara shirts, which they can pour on any pair of trousers, provided the colors are matching. 

You can either buy the fabric and have it custom-made for you or buy already-made Ankara shirts. The new Ankara styles come in various designs and it is left for you to decide on which is perfectly befitting for you.  The Ankara shirts can come with either a long sleeve or short sleeve.

Ankara ties

Gone are the days when Nigerian men look up to western countries for ties and shirt accessories; these days, new Ankara styles come in the form of ties and accessories.

What is more, they always look sweet and beautiful.  As ordinary as the material may look, it makes you stand out from the crowd and you will always make heads to turn in your direction.

The Ankara ties can also make you look smart and formal.  You can equally go for Ankara . or belt.  Adding Ankara scarf to the mix will also be a perfect idea.  It will make you look trendy and fashionable.


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