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NFF Elections: Akinwunmi Is The Co-Factor To Our Desired Development

The chairman of Oyo State Football Association, Oba James Adeniran has become the latest congress member to endorse NFF 1st Vice-President president, and Chairman of Lagos State Football Association, Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi, as the right person to become the next President of the Nigeria Football Federation.

Oba Adeniran stressed that BSA, as Akinwunmi is fondly known, is the right man to lead the NFF at this crucial time in its history. He urged other congress members to join him to vote for the Lagos State FA to win on September 30 in Benin city.

According to the Oyo FA Boss, giving Akinwunmi the baton of leadership of the country’s football body will mean aiding the much-craved growth desired to take Nigeria back to its rightful place among the comity of great nations in the round leather game.

Oba Adeniran identified improved corporate investments, especially at the grassroots, as one of the enzymes to catalyze the aforementioned, and who better to lead that drive than, “Akinwunmi, who knows every billionaire in Nigeria, who is interested in investing in football? He has been in the Nigeria Football Ecosystem at the highest level, he knows what is good to go and what is not.”

“Clearly, t. are a lot of divisions and in-fighting among and within the components that make up the Nigerian Football system. Akinwunmi is touted as the man to unify the football community. He has the temperament to manage everyone in the ecosystem. BSA will always listen and won’t claim to know it all. He is the man we are looking for because he is competent and qualified”, the royal father affirmed.

“This is about ideology, we want to go back to the days when football was making difference in every corner of Nigeria. Days when we presented frightening talents from the creeks to the global front. We want to see our premier league on TV. Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi has that key, let’s us all allow him to unlock those opportunities for us,” he added conclusively.

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