Nigeria Ranked 10th Most Sexually Satisfied Country In The World


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Nigeria, despite our harsh economic conditions, seem to have so much still keeping us going as it has been ranked 10th in a list of the 12 most sexually satisfied countries, in a research result compiled and released by AlterNet.

Surprisingly, France, often considered as the most amorous nation on the planet, didn’t even make it to the list. Likewise, the UK and the US were nowhere to be seen.

According to a Durex global survey of 26,000 people, aged 16 and older, across 26 countries, only 44 per cent of people are fully satisfied with their sex lives. Satisfaction declines as we get older, as we have sex less often and have fewer new relationships.

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If people are in good mental and physical health; free from stress and sexual dysfunction; and have frequent sex and foreplay, then they are more likely to be satisfied.

Switzerland was ranked highest with 21% of Swiss nationals rating their sex life as “excellent” with 2% admitting to having sex in a public place. Their schools often introduces sex education early on with some Swiss classrooms introducing reproduction science to children as young as four.

In second place was Spain, with a huge 90% of men and women admitting, in a recent study, to being sexually satisfied.

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Italy came in third, recently named as the home of the “top lovers” in the world, while Brazil where 82% were said to have sex once a week was placed fourth.

Placed fifth is Greece, which according to research have the most sex in the world weekly and say they’re 51% satisfied with their sex lives. The top five countries are said to have a sexual satisfaction rate above 50%.

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In sixth place was the Netherlands who are not only sexually satisfied but have some of the lowest rates of abortion, teen pregnancy and HIV.

Mexicans described their sex lives a “fulfilling” with just under half feeling regularly satisfied. Though India is known for its average age of loosing virginity at 22-years-old, it was ranked eighth.

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Here’s the full list of the Top 12 most sexually satisfied countries;

  1. Switzerland
  2. Spain
  3. Italy
  4. Brazil
  5. Greece
  6. Netherlands
  7. Mexico
  8. India
  9. Australia
  10. Nigeria
  11. Germany
  12. China

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