Nigerian Fashion: 9 Ready-To-Wear Brands You Should Totally Shop From N5K – N15K


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Nigerian Fashion - TNL

Nigerian fashion chit chat anyone? Who else loves to snag up pieces all made to perfection in Nigeria? We know we do especially when they come affordable. Granted a few will argue that Nigerian brands don’t come cheap and let’s be honest they shouldn’t when they are not mass produced and for custom made ready-to-wear pieces, the designers are not doing badly at all.

Nigerian fashion comes with a promise of it been custom made, tailored to fit and caters to the diverse bodytype and size so you get your money’s (read diffusion line worthy) worth, no? We know they say affordable is relative but where you have every day wear done in good fabrics, tailoring and finishing is great and comes around N10,000-N15,000 then that’s not bad, is it? There are brands that are not doing bad at all with their ready to wear lines and the pieces are not in the least shabby… at least for the price point!

Zephans & Co
Zephans Co

(Zephans Co)

Zephans & Co is a womenswear brand with chic offerings. The brand offers trendy and classic options on pieces so it’s not surprising to see trendy floral maxis in a collection and fab rompers and co-ords in the next. At around just 2 years of launching the brand, it’s done and doing well.

TNL (Things Nigerians Love)
Nigerian Fashion - TNL

(Things Nigerians Love)

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TNL is another brand to love. The womenswear brand not only makes clothes, they do great with fashion accessories too, their earrings, pumps and slides are bestsellers.

Lady Biba

Lady Biba kinda has a thing for ‘boss ladies’, the working class who wants a bit of structure yet desire to stand out from the pack. Their dresses come with an edgy feel to it and are quite popular. A few pieces from Lady Biba in your closet will definitely fire up your wardrobe.

Wanni Fuga

Wanni Fuga loves it sultry and feminine and brings those in her pieces with delicates accents like sheer details, lace appliques and her silk print maxis. Her pieces are definitely ones to snag.

Fablane By Derin

Fablane by derin started with simple ready-to-wear pieces but fast gaining fame amongst celebrities. Looks from the brand are playful and unpredictable, her r-t-w offerings are not in the least shabby.

Ziva Lagos

ZIva Lagos is fast rising, the offer simple, functional and playful styles that are fast catching on.

Amarelis Atelier

Amarelis Atelier loves trendy fits for her r-t-w pieces. Think co-ords, versatile kimonos and body tops. They will sure put some spice in your closet.


Maju is definitely a favourite is looking for affordable trendy options. They have an array of functional pieces that work well as daytime looks too.


Terracotta is a womenswear brand with modern aesthetics, they create pieces that will easily become staples. Their looks are edgy yet feminine.

Nigerian Fashion

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