Nigerian Man Who Married 97 Women Discloses How He Satisfies Them In Bed


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It is common to see Muslim men married to more than one woman because their religion permits polygamy. But although Islam allows a man to marry not more than four wives at a time, Alhaji Pa Bello Abubakar Masaba choose to go against the dictates of Islamic faith by marrying 97 wives who have produced over 190 children.

Alhaji Pa Bello from Niger State, is an Islamic scholar and faith healer who was detained in 2008 for weeks for not keeping the sharia law of marrying not more than four wives.

He refused the order by a sharia court to divorce 82 of his wives, a move that would have left him with just four wives at that time because he later married more. When the case was brought before an Abuja High Court, he was released after 57 of the wives testified that they married him out of their own volition.

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In an interview with a foreign newspaper during the weekend in Bida, Niger State, Masaba disclosed how he continues to make history as Nigeria’s most prolific man, by marrying even more wives every time he sees a new ‘Miss Right’.

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When asked how he manages to satisfy all his women sexually, the octogenarian said his sexual power is from God. “In his wisdom, God has given me the power and strength to give them the sexual portion they need. If I didn’t satisfy them, they would leave,” he said.

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Not long ago, there were rumours that the 87-year-old husband of 97 wives had died after a brief illness but when contacted by Vanguard, he dismissed the rumours saying “I am still alive, bubbling in good health.” Speaking to the news media over the phone yesterday, Masaba described the rumour as a deliberate act by his detractors to bury him while still alive.

He said:

“My dear, I am still alive, hale and hearty. At least, you can hear me speak and certainly, a dead person cannot speak. The rumour is baseless and can best be described as the work of my detractors because they envy what God has done and what He is still doing for me. I am seated outside of my house and I am speaking with you live in Bida without any problem with my health. What I am doing is divine. It is an assignment and I will keep doing it till the end.”

Alhaji Pa Bello Abubakar Masaba is said to be the head over a 5,000 strong household in Bida, Nigeria.


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