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Nigerian Tennis Player Who Started Playing Tennis At Age Four Cries For Support | Latest Sports and Football News in Nigeria

“I no longer . U16 and U17 as I’m above 18. I . the senior grade now. I’ve not been able to . tournaments for a while as I stopped tennis because I have no one to sponsor me,” those were the words of a very pained and distraught 24 years old Rilwan Sikiru.

Sikiru explained to Sports247 that he started .ing Tennis at the age of four and he has so much love for the sport than football or any other but after 20 years in the sports, he hasn’t any international experience to show for it due to lack of sponsorship.


“I train myself every day, in the morning from around 8/9 am, without anyone. I used to have a friend that helps me, coach Destiny, he traveled and I don’t have anyone again,” Sikiru said.

“I can’t even . tournaments this year because I want to go to school. Despite getting to the quarterfinals of a previous competition, I couldn’t get sponsors and now my tournament coming up in Eko Hotel, I don’t know if I can go,” he added.


The deep tennis lover seeks to be able to attend international tournaments in neighboring African countries to push his career to the next level.

“I want to be able to travel for international competitions as I’ve .ed in Nigeria for about 20 years now and I need to have more experience but I can’t do that without a sponsor. Abidjan, Ghana, Togo, anyw. . will help my career,” Sikiru concluded.


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