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Traditional weddings are arguably the most beautiful and diverse events in Nigeria. Each state and local government have several practices required to bring a man and his wife together. This is all fun and nice, but we bet you didn’t know there are some practices that are absolutely ridiculous!

. are some Nigerian traditional wedding customs that are weird and need to go:

1. Sharo custom

The Sharo custom is an old tradition among the Fulanis, which involves the groom getting whipped to ascertain physical strength. A lot of us might have heard and made fun of this while growing up, but thinking about it now… It is insane! Thankfully, the tradition is fading out now and the backs of innocent men are safe.

Nigerian traditional wedding customs

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2. Blessing the genitals

In some parts of Yoruba land, a traditional wedding custom involves the wife praying on her husband’s genitals. Apparently, this is necessary for maximum function anytime, any day! The bride places her hand on her husband’s genitals and actually says a prayer… LOL

3. No smiling tradition

The Ijaws have a very weird traditional marriage custom. This custom forbids the bride from smiling, until she is coerced with lots of money. If you think about it, that isn’t too bad… Wouldn’t you showcase your teeth for money too?

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Nigerian traditional wedding customs

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4. The grain of sand custom

The Uvwie people of Delta state have a very strange custom and you might laugh at this one. During the traditional wedding, the bride is expected to count grains of sand that is equivalent to how many men she has slept with before her husband. Now, if that’s not bizarre then we don’t know what is!

nigerian traditional wedding customs

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These practices prove without a doubt that Nigerian traditional wedding customs include the good, the bad, and the weird! You should read these ridiculous wedding traditions that can traumatize your Nigerian mother.


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