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Nigerian Wedding Presents Hauwa Grace Aliyu & Magne Solberg Nes Pre-wedding/ Dowry Payment


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Hauwa and Magne’s beautiful love story. Beautiful Nigerian, Hausa bride Hauwa and her prince charming Magne, a Nowegian met at Medical school, their love story is inspiring. READ!
How they met: 

It was’nt love at first sight, but there was definately something about him that made me wanna talk to him. We were in final year of medical school in University of Debrecen, Hungary. I remember waiting outside the seminar room in the neurology department, when i set eyes on this nerdy cute looking guy, with his glasses. I don’t know why i did, but i innocently said ‘hi’ to him, and he told me his name was Magne. We went into the seminar room, and damn was he smart. He knew the answers to all the difficult questions no one could answer. This sparked my curiousity. Neurology final exams were by the corner, and i thought to myself that; it would do me good studying with this guy since he knows alot. I really wasnt thinking anything romantic.

To get into a conversation with him, i asked him if he had submitted his thesis, and it turned out that we had the same thesis supervisor. I got to know that he was a sweet guy from Norway and came from a decent home. He was very gentle and very shy, soft spoken and well mannered. He was full of respect for women and was the perfect gentleman! Magne helped me with my thesis, and even accompanied me on the day i was to defend my thesis. We became friends, started hanging out more and chatting on skype and .. It got to a point we were always chatting on skype after school, that i started looking forward to chatting with him.

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Am not sure at what point i started to wonder where this was all leading to, but i remember us chatting one time and he started to ask me questions like; From scale of 1-5 how tidy are you? Can you cook? and he also told me how he was without me asking :) And thats when i began to wonder if he liked me. After many lunches and many conversations on sykpe, i decided to ask him if he wanted to hang out for drinks one evening, but he told me then that he couldnt make it. I was like shit, ‘this guy be thinking am trying to ask him out’. lol but after some days he asked me if i wanted to have dinner with him.
I wasnt even sure if it was just dinner or if he meant like a date. Dinner day came, and i didnt know if to dress sexy, thought to myself what if i get there and its not a date. Got advice from my friend who told me to keep it simple, but still sexy. I did just that! Lo and behold when i saw him, he was all shaved, nicely dressed and looking very handsome and most of all happy!

He invited me to his place after dinner :) he had baked me a chocolate cake with fresh strawberries, and had a nice bottle of red wine. Well the rest is history. He did asked me to marry him just after 4 months of dating and move with him to Norway. At the time i thought he was crazy for, it was way too soon. But i did say yes. I guess am a bit crazy too. I moved with him to Norway, and we dated for some months. And after less than a year of dating, he proposed to me officially with a nice diamond ring :) and then came over to Nigeria to ask for my parent’s blessings, and pay my bride price.

Meeting Magne is one of the best things that ever happened to me, i couldnt ask for more. He is kind, caring loving, smart, a good cook and the list keeps getting longer.

I love him so much and couldnt even imagine living without him. In a few months, we will be saying our vows in the presence of God, our family, and friends. Looking forward to that moment when we say our i dos.


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