Nigerian Wedding Souvenir Ideas Your Guests Will Definitely Love


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Giving out unique Nigerian wedding souvenirs is a great way of saying “thank you” to your guests. However, your gratitude will be better received when your guests find the gifts really useful and memorable.

We understand the hassle of planning a wedding, so let’s take this bit off your plate. Here are some unique souvenirs you can give at a Nigerian wedding.

Indoor games

Think .ing cards, scrabble or chess, you name it. Board games cut across gender and age, and your guests will be grateful every time they . with their family.

nigerian wedding souvenirs

(Photo: Pinterest via Etsy)

Bottle opener/fridge magnets

You can get this 2 in 1 gift, and it’ll serve as both a decoration and a home essential. If you also plan to share a goody bag, this makes for a great addition.

nigerian wedding souvenirs

(Photo: Pinterest via Etsy)

Water bottles

With all the emphasis on drinking enough water, your guests will be glad that you have their health needs in mind.

nigerian wedding souvenirs

(Photo: womangettingmarried)

Picture frames

A picture says a thousand words. It could be a big frame, a small tabletop frame, or even a wallet-sized frame.

nigerian wedding souvenirs

(Photo: Aliexpress)

Spice shakers

For their sugar, spice and all things nice! This will make a useful addition to dining tables or even kitchen cabinets.

nigerian wedding souvenirs

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(Photo: Pepperfry)


Because you can get a variety of beautiful ankara at affordable prices, this makes a suitable Nigerian wedding souvenir. Your guests will certainly love these.

nigerian wedding souvenirs

(Photo: All things ankara)

Knife sharpeners

This is a unique and underestimated gift that everyone will appreciate. You’ll save your guests the hassle of using one knife to sharpen the other and they’re pretty affordable too.

nigerian wedding souvenirs

Photo: Yaoota

Throw pillows

For every time they hold the throw pillow or snuggle with it in bed, your wedding day will be fondly remembered.

Bathroom set

This will definitely come in handy for anybody who owns a toothbrush and needs some soap to have a bath. Hopefully, that’s everybody!

nigerian wedding souvenirs

(Photo: Pinterest via Zazzle)

Set of combs

This makes a good Nigerian wedding souvenir because of the variety in the set. From the short-haired guest to the long-haired guest, t.’ll be something for everyone in the set.

nigerian wedding souvenirs

(Photo: Pinterest via gotclicks2)

Don’t forget to customise the souvenirs for a personal touch.

Even if you’re getting married, attending weddings is still a thing. So, . are some amazing gifts you can give the couple.

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