Nigerian Wedding Trends That Need To Die By Fire!fashionstyle


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When it comes to Nigerian wedding trends, we absolutely love some new ones we’ve been seeing, but t. are some that just started like rough . and have been getting worse. We don’t want again!

These Nigerian wedding trends need to go and never come back:

1. Aso Ebi prices that can cut off a head

Aso Ebi started as a way of showing solidarity and identifying friends and family, but these days, ha! It’s almost like a fundraising venture, and now, instead of being happy, you get scared when you hear “I’m getting married.” Let’s kill this trend, abeg.

Nigerian wedding trends

(Photo: George Okoro)

2. Unreasonable demands from the bride’s family

We would have thought that by now, lists the length of a scroll would have gone with the wind, but it’s apparently getting worse. So people can’t marry because they’re not millionaires? Na wa!

nigeran wedding trends

(Photo: Nairametrics)

3. Having both a bridal shower and a bridal party

We know this is amazing and they signify different things, but, if you’re going to have a bridal party on the morning of your wedding then why did you have a shower with the same people the week before? You can just do one, really. It saves cost and money.

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nigerian wedding trends

(Photo: Ankara Fashion NG)

4. Doing all three weddings

Court weddings used to just be a thing you did if you didn’t want to go to church. However, these days it’s been made compulsory by some churches! How did we get .? Then after paying for all that, you’ll do the traditional wedding, then do the church wedding and reception. Elopement anyone?

nigerian wedding trends

(Photo: Instagram/bk7_photography)

5. Coming empty-handed for weddings

We can say this started when aso ebi started cutting our heads or we could say that the economy is bad, but really, t.’s no excuse. No matter how small and thoughtful, it’s the intention of the gift that counts. By small, we don’t mean 20 Naira in an envelope, please! If you’re going to eat their rice, at least give back in some way.

nigerian wedding trends

(Photo: Gifer)

Let’s make weddings fun again! What other Nigerian wedding trends do you think have overstayed their welcome?  Share with us in the comment section.

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