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Nigerian Weddings and 5 Amazing Things To ExpectZUMI

Nigerians are famous for many things, and one of those things is our big, trending weddings.

Nigerian weddings are big, loud, beautiful celebrations of love not just between partners but between families. Nigerian weddings can be a truly heartwarming, beautiful event filled with family and friendship. We always show up for the people we love.

Expect these amazing things at your wedding:

1. Family shows up
Wedding reception Fashion Style

(Photo: Koko Weddings)

We believe strongly in family, whether in times of joy or mourning. So, expect cousins that you’ve never heard of at your wedding. They come to genuinely wish you happiness and celebrate with you.

2. People will do you favours

You may not even know them, but they know you. They will run errands, cooks, clean and even serve at the wedding. Remember to thank them with a gift.

3. There will always be food
How To Make Sure Your Table Gets Food At A Nigerian Wedding Fashion Style

(Photo: Moji Delano)

We don’t joke with our tummies, and for good reason. You can expect that food will overflow at your wedding. If it is your traditional wedding, friends and relatives of the family don’t see anything wrong in showing up with basins of garri and yams to add to the feast.

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4. The music will be on point


nigerian weddings

(Photo: Frank Ugah)

What’s a great wedding without dancing? We love to dance when we’re happy, and the joy at your wedding will set many hips to wiggling.

5. The clothes will be amazing
nigerian weddings

(Photo: Instagram/Ozinna)

In fact, if you’re not careful, your guests will outdo you. We like to turn up in style, and from the head to the toes, your guests will be on point.

What’s not to love about Nigerian weddings?

We’re not pessimistic, but you should probably expect these annoying things at your Nigerian wedding.


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