Nigerian Weddings and Annoying Things To Expect When You Attend OneZUMI


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Nigerians are a special breed of people, and this shows especially when we gather together in a party. We are loud, we like to dance, we love our music, and we are dramatic.

All of those things that make us Nigerian are great-until there’s a wedding. Having a Nigerian wedding is the single most tasking event you might ever be part of. Nigerian weddings are amazing, but they can be really annoying too.

These scenarios can test your patience:

1. Uninvited guests
nigerian weddings

(Photo: Fab)

In Nigeria, a wedding invitation to one person means that you invited their friends too. People that don’t know you will show up and eat before your own guests, lol.

2. Money showers

You can expect that your guests will try to paste every exposed part of your skin with naira notes. They’re not being malicious (unless they’re throwing the wads of notes at you), but it’s irritating anyway. Those notes are not sanitary.

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3. Food wahala
nigerian weddings

(Photo: Mojidelano)

Either the food does not go around, or it’s not tasty, or there’s a rush and people start fighting over the coolers. People who have gotten food will blatantly lie just to eat more. Why can’t we all just respect ourselves? Food wahala has even cause marriages to collapse on the wedding day!

4. Souvenir stampede

Everyone is in fine clothes and forming until it’s time to collect souvenirs. The rush will shock and even embarrass you. All those tush babes and guys will leave behind their dignity to struggle for souvenir bags.

All the tiny irritating and embarrassing things notwithstanding, we do love our Nigerian weddings. They are colourful, fun, and filled with love.

What is the worst thing you’ve seen someone do at a Nigerian wedding?




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