Nigerians In Diaspora: . Are The 5 Wedding Planning Tips You Need To Know


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If you are reading this article, chances are you are not based in Nigeria and hungry for the right information on how to plan a Nigerian wedding without being in the Country. Well, this article is all you need. We have taken time out to speak with the best wedding planners and compiled wedding planning tips you need to know.

It’s a very common belief that Nigerians in Diaspora have money. Too much dollar/pounds or whatever the currency they spend in the country you stay. To avoid being over charged or duped, you need to know the following wedding planning tips.

Diaspora Nigerians: . Are The 5 Wedding Planning Tips You Need To Know


5 Wedding Planning Tips You Need To Know
1. You need a wedding planner

It’s doable but stressful to plan your wedding yourself if you are not in Nigeria. The easiest way out is to get a wedding planner who can manage the team. Especially if you are planning a #RoyalWedding…lol. She/he will be in charge of everything from the wedding stationery, wedding cake, wedding venue, wedding decor, wedding photographers, makeup and hair artists, table setting, fireworks display, the engagement, the food, dessert and drinks menu, wedding activities and so much more.

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2. Do your research

Thank God for Instagram. Before you settle for any wedding vendor, conduct a research. Follow as many wedding vendors as possible and don’t settle for less till you find one that has done the quality or standard on event you are hoping to have. .’s why, if the vendor has done it before, he/she can do it again. Do not ever select your vendors because of the number of Instagram followers they have, only by the works they have to their name, instead, use vendors that care about the details as much as you do.

Diaspora Nigerians: 5 wedding planning tips you need to know


3. Make a list of the things you want to do and run it by the  Wedding Planner

Do you have specifics? You need to double check. If you have a particular flower in mind for your bouquet, you need to let the wedding planner know on time so she/he can check with a florist shop if it is available. This rule appears to everything you want to do.

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4. Work with Nigerian  Climate

The last thing you want to do is plan an outdoor wedding during raining season. Even if it doesn’t rain, the thought of the possibility is enough to ruin any bride’s day. Confirm from relatives what time of the year rain starts so you can plan with the calendar

5. Asoebi Delivery

There are corporate organizations now that plan, buy and deliver aso-ebi. The Aso-ebi will be delivered in fancy gift boxes with a small gift like chocolate (if you want). Ask your wedding planner about this option.

Nigerians In Diaspora: . Are The 5 Wedding Planning Tips You Need To Know

(Zainab Balgun/Instagram)

6. Be Flexible

This is key. Be willing to listen to your wedding planner. It’s okay to have opinions and idea of how you want your wedding to turn out. However, you need to be conscious of the fact that ideas are different from reality. That said, almost anything is possible if you have the financial capability.


7. Relax and enjoy your wedding

Don’t feel bad if somethings don’t turn out as planned. Try to enjoy every bit of the event.


You’ll need to know what it takes to get married at a Nigerian registry.

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