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Hi Damsels!

No makeup” or nude look as it is sometimes called, is one of the best ways to accentuate your natural beauty.

It works very well as an everyday look, transitioning so easily from day to night with just a bit of effort. Managing to look like you are not wearing makeup when you are really wearing a full face is no easy task. A no makeup, makeup look allows you to look like your style is effortless and natural, when in reality you have dedicated time and effort to perfecting your appearance.

At its core, this contradictory-sounding style is all about perfecting the appearance of your skin, lengthening the look of your lashes, and grooming your brows. With the right products, you can do all of that without looking like you are wearing any makeup at all.

Besides, a no makeup, makeup look isn’t meant to look entirely realistic, otherwise there would be no point to doing it at all. Yes! The idea is to find the balance between reality and perfection. So basically, you will want to cover up any blemishes or discolorations without being too obvious.

No Makeup

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Hello World

There are tips to help you on your way to getting that fresh, flawless makeup that looks well like you are not wearing makeup. How this trick is done is not far fetched. it’s a matter of getting the right tutorials and getting your God-given hands to work. The process can be achieved in just few minutes.

Watch this video on how to achieve a no makeup look with makeup;

.: Adrian J

Be that naturalista with a no-makeup makeup look. You will always be referred to as a natural African Queen!

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