North Korea’s Leader, Kim Jong-un Bans Western Fashion


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North Korea, under the present dictator regime of Kim Jong-un has banned its citizens from having piercings and face new restrictions on ‘Western clothing’ including jeans, as part of a crackdown on Western culture.

The ban will focus primarily on the North Hamgyong province and Yanggang province close to China, where citizens to have easier access to information – and cultural trends – from the outside world. This is coming from fears that people living in areas close to the Chinese border are becoming more exposed to the outside world and are being influenced by the West.

The rules have been reportedly tightened ahead of the annual 7th Congress of North Korea’s Workers’ Party and will continue until the end of the upcoming gathering. It is said to be part of Kim Jong-un regime’s wider attempts to eliminate capitalism from society.

Citizens will be monitored by a growing group of youths loyal to Kim Jong-un where the ‘inspection units’ target supposed capitalist tendencies such as length of skirts, the shape of shoes, T-shirts, hairstyles, and clothes.The regime has been known to send those guilty of “anti-socialist” behavior to labor camps.

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The North Korean Youth Union (NKYU) volunteers also hunt for unmarried women doing business in marketplaces, as this is also forbidden. Youngsters can sign up for the group once they reach the age of 15, and are sworn to prevent “the corruption of public morals.”

Just a few months ago, Kim Jong-un reportedly ordered men to adopt spartan Socialist hairstyles and copy his ‘ambitious’ hair style limiting growth to a maximum length of 2cm. Women were also advised to copy his wife, Ri Sol-ju’s bob.

Meanwhile, reports reveal that North Korea’s preparations for a fifth nuclear bomb test were in their ‘final stages’ amid reports of a surge in activity at the country’s main atomic site.

South Korean and U.S. authorities detected two to three times more vehicle and personnel activities than normal this month at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site – where all . four tests took place.

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