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Nutritionist Identifies Remarkable Health Benefits Of Orange Sweet Potatoes For Pregnant And Lactating Mums 

A Professor of Food Science and Nutrition, Folusho David-Abraham says pregnant and lactating mothers should eat more of the orange sweet potatoes than other potato varieties.


According to the nutritionist, the orange sweet potatoes have high vitamin A content that is needed by pregnant and lactating women.

Speaking with PUNCH HealthWise, David-Abraham said,


“We have a new variety of potatoes, the orange sweet potatoes.  It really has high vitamin content so we recommend it for lactating mothers, pregnant women and even generally because of the vitamin A content.”

According to an article published by, an online medical site, the beneficial properties of orange sweet potatoes helps promote gut health and also support healthy vision. Some of the properties, the article said, may also have cancer-fighting properties.

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According to experts, potatoes are rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. 

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David-Abrahams also encouraged people with diabetes to eat more sweet potatoes stating that contrary to the wrong notion some people have, sweet potatoes are very good for people with diabetes. He said:

“Any of the sweet potatoes is good for people living with diabetes. When you hear sweet, you’d think it has sugar, that is the mentality people have but from research, we have discovered that sweet potatoes are good for them.

“Any of the sweet potatoes is great for people with diabetes. The compositions of the red and white sweet potatoes are not too different except that the red one has carotenoid that can bring vitamin A into the system because of the yellow colour of the tubers.”


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