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Let’s chat about Odumodu and Phyno, the dynamic duo in the world of music. I saw someone posted this question on his Whatsapp status and I thought I should bring this to FashionStyle so we can feast on it.


Is Odumodu stealing Phynó’s spotlight?

Well, let’s dive into it and unravel the musical mystery.

First things first, both Odumodu and Phyno bring their A-game to the table. ???? Talented in both rapping and singing, these artists have been hitting us with killer tunes that make us groove and nod our heads in appreciation.


Odumodu‘s rise might be turning heads, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s overshadowing Phyno. Music is all about personal taste, and hey, diversity is the spice of life! ????️ Each artist has their unique style and flavor, adding something special to the music scene.

Phyno has been holding it down for quite some time, and his impact is undeniable. Odumodu, on the other hand, is making waves with a fresh perspective. It’s like comparing apples and oranges – both delicious, but different!


In the end, it’s all love for good music. Whether you’re vibing to Phyno‘s classics or jamming to Odumodu‘s latest hits, t.’s room for everyone.

Let’s appreciate the artistry and keep the music flowing.

Now, over to you.. What’s your take on this issue ????


Do You Think Odumodu is stealing the Spotlight Away From Phynó?

Let’s hear from you all.

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