Old Nigerian Hairstyles From 1960 Fashion Style


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Every tribe, country or community in the world have something peculiar to them. For Nigeria, admist the millions of things the inhabitants were known for in the 60’s, one thing was special. Nigerian women were easily identified by their iconic hairstyles.

Sadly, we can’t say same these days as almost everyone has gone western with Brazilian hair and the likes. From puff-puff to shuku, shade and inner weaving, we are throwing it all the way back to when nobody knew what hair extensions were.

As we bring back memories of what old Nigerian hairstyles were, don’t forget to tell us in the comment box what your “favourite hairstyle” was.

Puff-puff hairstyle

I don’t know if t.’s another name for this hairstyle but “puff-puff” was what we all called it lol. I don’t know how the idea for the name came about.

Puff puff hairstyle
Image .: Pinterest

However, I know puff puff was usually the first official hairstyle for girls who wanted to grow their hair. I remember making puff puff lol. It was done with single or double threads with the hair in tiny circles.

In recent times, Puff puff has upgraded to “Bantu knots” loool 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Soooo y’all sissy’s feeling fly with Bantu knots, God said I should tell you guys that it’s low-key puff puff y’all have on your heads.

P. S: If you come for me, I’ll finish you 😂 lol.


Kinda stuck on if we called this hairstyle “bayelsa” or something else? Can anyone remind me of the name of this hairstyle in the comment box?

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I remember this hair from primary school. The hair “ajebo kids” made with those plenty multi-coloured tiny hair packers.

It was one of my friends “go to” hairstyle back in the day.

Bayelsa hairstyle
Image . : Pinterest

Nigerian Thread Hairstyles

Made with normal thread or rubber thread, this hairstyle was synonymous to “pain”. As a kid, I was told that it was good for making hair grow.

It was the second hairstyle after graduating from puff-puff . It was the hairstyle to do before your hair gets long enough for braids or what we called “weaving”.

Latest rubber thread hairstyles
Image . : Pinterest
hairstyle with thread
Image . : Pinterest
Latest Nigerian school hairstyle
Image .: Kokolife
Nigerian thread hairstyles
Image . : Kokolife

Inner Weaving

This hairstyle was mostly done by Northerners and Yoruba women from the Western part of Nigeria. I never had my hair braided this way as a kid but I loved seeing it on people.

inner weaving hairstyle
Image .:

This hairstyle is also called “didi“.

These were the hairstyles that rocked my childhood. T. are so many others but if I continue, y’all might get bored reading lol.

Anyway, which of these were your fave? What was your favorite hairstyle and your worst hairstyle as a kid? Tell us in the comment box below.

While at it, if you were born after 2002 please stay away from the comment box. Y’all have no real iconic stories to tell. 😂😂 Let’s respect ourselves lol.

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