Omg! Serious Drama as Housemaid Gets Pregnant for Her Madam’s Husband…See Shocking Details


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In what will come across as a really stunning story, a young housemaid has gotten pregnant for her madam’s husband.

A young lady who works as a housemaid has told a shocking story about her s*xual involvement with her madam’s husband.
She shared her story on yoanswers, a popular relationship site, where she explained that she is now pregnant with the man’s baby.
Obviously, this is causing serious headache for her and she now seeks urgent solutions to her dilemma.

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Below is how she told the story:

I am a 20-year-old South African woman. I went in for matric some time ago but did not pass even one subject.
So, instead of just staying at home I decided to come to Joburg and work as a maid.
The woman I work for is a true Christian because when I hear stories from other maids and how they are treated, I am very shocked.
The couple I work for is quite a young one they only have one baby boy aged two, they are both in their late twenties.
The husband made advances one weekend when the wife was out on a workshop. I wanted to report this to his wife but he told me that he loved me more than his wife and would want to marry me as a second wife. He has so far bought me a beautiful top of the range cellphone which was better than what his wife had.

This has been going on for a year now. When his wife is away I also call him by his first name.
My mother has no problem with this and is very supportive. He is a very generous man he gives me money, now I can afford to send provisions to my family back home. The reason why I have written to you is I am now two months pregnant and all of a sudden he doesn’t look as keen as he used to.
He used to come back home during odd hours pretending to have forgotten something as a way for us to get na_ughty whilst his wife was away.
I suggested that he gets me alternative accommodation before I bulge up, now he says I should go back to the village and we plan from there. Do you think if I go home he will come and marry me?
Do you think his wife will embrace me as an equal?
Please help, I do not know what to do.

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