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On Choosing A Wife: Lessons From Mama J FS News

This is a personal opinion…

I hear some brides say, you know I’m still a student, you know I just graduated, you know I just finished service … my hubby is the one doing everything, so we want budget-friendly items … right before they go on to show me a $1000 dress saved from Instagram .. lmao

I think if you haven’t found your sustenance system as an individual, a single woman, you have no business being married. Emphasis is individuality. My reason is simple; know thyself before aligning with someone else.


Gentlemen, before you think this is just another skewed feminist thinking, let’s see this together. If a woman were to be focused on running her home and multiplying her N100 to N1000, do you really think she’d have the thought of boiling hot water to bath you on the premise of you cheating?
If t.’s any water being boiled, it will be for a warm bath to soothe her aching muscles.

I know many graduates who are simply looking for a ‘good job’. No pathway. I do not mean that. I mean a woman who is truly invested in her passion, corporate or industrial. Trust me, she wouldn’t even notice you philandering. She might but not give two thoughts about it.


If she’s like me, she will purchase protection for you and move on. Do not be a reckless young man. You are not the first nor last philandering fellow.

I sat through a lecture from the woman who sells fish to me, not formally educated but full of wisdom. She’s been married for 23years… t.’s a lot I learn from Mama J, money lessons especially.


Money, in whatever magnitude, it a real-time deal breaker. Before you say I do, look each straight in the eye and talk about money issues.

Written by Sira Ngbor




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