One Night Stand: These Scientific Discoveries About ‘Flings’ Will Interest You


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One night stand can be likened to ‘hit and run,’ and could be very hurting when one party feels used, abandoned and not cared for after the deed has been done. In recent times, sexual intercourse has lost its value and has become less sacred. People hop into bed the same way they jump into molue buses, without analyzing the act, the person involved or even the after-math which most times lead to heartbreak if they are unmarried and don’t have plans to.

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Call girls are the most times the casualties of casual sex, although some prostitutes don’t mind a hit-and-run affair, as long as they get paid for the job. Just to satisfy your curiosity as to whether these set of people are normal or have lost their brains to feel comfortable with such an ill act. Yes they are normal, however, scientists have discovered some new facts about this increasingly popular sex culture, here are the six most interesting ones.

1. It’s in the Gene

In a research, it was found that one’s DNA comes into . in relation to casual sex. Some people are born with the gene responsible for one-night-stand coded in their blood. They have serious interest in it and are not bothered by the concept. The study suggested that a person’s brain chemistry is . to whether s/he is down for casual sex or not. People who have DRD4 gene, associated with behaviors that make you feel good, are more likely to have a one-night stand than those who don’t have it. Same gene is found present in people who take hard drugs.

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2. Better Looks Attracts One-Night-Stand

The more handsome a guy, the easier it is for a girl to agree to have a hit-and-run affair with him. In a recent study, it was found that when men and women were given three possible options, “go out,” “come to apartment,” “go to bed” – they were much more likely to accept offers of bed and abode when they rated the men offering as “exceptionally” attractive This selection process only applies to the female folks, as men do not consider beauty in a woman before steaming up with her.

3. The Size of a Woman’s Hips Plays a Role

A guy may not be interested in the facial beauty of a woman he intends to have casual sex with, but her wide hips might be all he needs to decide. Researchers asked 148 women between ages 18-26 to report their hip size and sexual history. The outcome of the research concluded that women with wider hips reported a higher frequency of casual sex than those with thinner hips.

4. Depression and Casual Sex are Linked

According to researchers people who are depressed or have thoughts of suicide as teens are more likely to engage in casual sex as adults. The study, published in the Journal of Sex, looked at the sexual behaviours and mental health of 10,000 people and concluded that one-night stands and poor mental health are definitely linked.

5. Women Feel More Used

Women end up being the big losers in this dirty game; they tend to feel humiliated or degraded after a fling. In a study where people who had had one-night-stand were asked about how they felt afterwards, 54% of women said they had positive feelings about the experiences, while 80% of the men felt great about the act. Most of the women regretted their actions while the men felt that one-night stand is usually a good way to blow off steam.

6. More Attractive Women are Less Vulnerable

Beautiful women know their worth and will not easily consent to a fling. On the other hand less attractive women tend to jump on an offer because they appreciate the fact that a man has seen their body worthy of a sexscapade. Also, intelligent women do not buy into casual sex as much as illiterates do.

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7. Women Hit-and-Run Just For a Change

An evolutionary psychologist at Florida Atlantic University, points out that one-night stand “risks are potentially greater for women.” But as Live Science Reports, “promiscuity does offer natural advantages for women from an evolutionary perspective.” According to psychologist, women who partake in one-night stands even though they feel awful afterwards might just be responding to internal, evolutionary urges that makes them want to do something new for a change.

Both men and women are guilty of flings, however, it’s OK to feel terrible after a one-off session. But hey! don’t beat up yourself, it was just your body responding to your in-built biological system. One-night-fling can be used to get pregnant for someone who you’ve always admired but may not have the opportunity to go on a date with. I am not advising you to do that, just don’t blame anyone for a decision you took while in heat.

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