One Reason Side Chicks Are Winning Over Wives, See Other Reasons


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Twerking: One Reason Side Chicks Are Winning Over Wives, . Are The Other Reasons!

It’s a silent but constant war between side chicks and wives over who gets more attention from a man and twerking is being blamed for putting side chicks on a clear lead over some wives.

According to a relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin, wives need to know this and be more alert so they can imbibe some of the strategies used by side chicks to claim back their men.

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. are some reasons why mistresses and side chicks are winning and some wives are losing.

1. Sexually Progressive

Most side chicks are more sexually exposed and enlightened than wives. Side chicks are willing to take more risks and use every single organ of their body to please a man. Meanwhile, some wives are very comfortable with only missionary style from January to December, they frown at a lot of things.

A husband woke his wife up in the middle of the night and asked her for sex in the car. She replied ‘why are we paying all this rent money to have sex in the car. Do I look like a university girl to you?’

A Side chick would never say NO to sex in the car even at

2. Body Goals/Physique


3. A wife has a lot of responsibilities

With managing a home, raising children, running her business, catering for her husband’s needs/chores, a wife doesn’t have time or luxury to have body goals or even join a gym, hence she begins to look like a grandma.

Most wives assume the role of mothers 1000% forgetting about their looks and their husband’s needs. On the other hand, side chicks sleep in the gym, slay for breakfast and dinner, have flat a belly and look exactly like a man’s fantasy.

4. Supernatural powers

Some wives are not prayer warriors and don’t have a “War Room Mentality.” Meanwhile, a lot of side chicks have spiritual and marine spirit backing and are on a mission to destroy homes and take everything for themselves. They use charms and all sorts to seduce husbands.

Twerking Upside Down

5. Mental Masturbation

Most husbands avoid their homes because it reminds them of a reality they want to avoid – their failures, responsibilities, duties, obligations etc.

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Wives are very good at putting their husbands in reality check by nagging and making him feel less of a man. When he is with his Mistress she has no business with these questions and she makes him feel like King Kong because too many questions kill a man’s Ego.

6. Men are like babies, they want everything new and shiny

Side chicks are in tune with what’s going on in town, the new songs, the new bars/clubs, new attires men are wearing, new hair cut, new sex positions, new slangs.

When a man hangs out with his mistress he feels likes a young boy again, he feels like a university boy, she tells him to grow his beard, she tells him “who you epp?” she calls him ” end time bae,” ” Recession boy” things he has never heard before.

But when he gets home his wife says “Good Morning Akin, how are you?” She makes dinner reservations for him at the same restaurant he has been to 1000 times. He starts looking at his own home as basic.

7. Twerking

As silly and ordinary as the word “twerking” sounds, it is a slay move. Twerking is a reason for a lot of frictions in relationships. Based on observation, some husbands want their wives to twerk for them and some wives are either horrible at twerking or think it’s not for them.


Hence there is a conflict. When a man finds a lady who can twerk for him daily he’s dissatisfied with his wife and home. He starts seeing his wife as a bore.

8. Slaying

Some wives do not invest in their looks because they have better things to do with money. Side chicks are real life Beyoncé and Kim k. They wear the best and look the best. Because of this, husbands are more inclined to takes their mistresses out on dates more than their wives.

© Joro Olumofin.

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On the contrary, nothing can stop a man from cheating or having a million mistresses even when his wife is a slay queen.

However, as a wife, do anything and everything within reach to keep your man happy at all times. Meanwhile, if you wanna twerk your way back into getting the full attention of your man, this video can help.


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