Oritsefemi Is Living A Fake Life – Danku


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Danku came to Nigeria’s music limelight as Oritsefemi’s manager. Not long after the musical Taliban, Oritsefemi bounced back with ‘Double Wahala’ hit song, the centre could not hold between them and Oritsefemi fired his manager. Danku whose real name is Yusuf Adebola Adepitan has managed Terry G in the past. In this chat with SAMUEL ABULUDE, the showbiz marketer and promoter speaks on what transpired and why Oritsefemi does not own the MSN label that he is floating.

What really inspired you into showbiz business?

Actually what brought me into entertainment business is music, simply because I love music, I’m attracted to good tunes, I love music so much and I write music, in short most of the hits out there, I wrote them by past artistes. I started artiste management business about fifteen years ago. Lawal Olalekan Olumo who’s known with hit songs, Konga and Kabakaba was the first artiste I managed. I also managed Lace for three years before I signed a management agreement with Gabriel Amanyi artistically known as Terry G, I did promotion for his Free Madness and some of his other hit tracks. It was after Terry G, I managed Oritsefemi. Presently I’ve Rayce, Oluwaseun and Famous-Okobo. I am a promotional manager to 9ice, famous Alapomeji also. Apart from investing entertainment, I have a printing press and a dredging company

What was the issue between you and Oritsefemi?

I don’t have any issue with Oritsefemi, because Oritsefemi has ended up calling me names and broadcasted lots of negative news about me, lots of negative news about me. My lawyer is taking him up on some of these.

Was there any form of written agreement with him?

We had an agreement together between my management company Aralab Global Concept but he broke the contract.

Recently Rayce released a video carrying MSN gang trade mark, because we know that name MSN belong to Oritsefemi?

A Lot of people think Oritsefemi owns MNS but my advice to people is to beware of a fraudster, to beware of impersonation. He is planting himself as the C.E.O and the owner of MSN Gang but I will tell you that I am not fighting with him, if truly he is the owner of MSN Gang, he should prove it. But I think I own MSN Gang and I have 100% power on MSN Gang, so MSN Gang is not a company because it is called MSN Entertainment. The trade mark of MSN Entertainer is MSN Gang logo. I can use the logo on any artiste that is under my platform, I used it for Rayce because it is my platform and it is the platform I build to promote his music when the journey began, and the issue of presenting himself as the C.E.O is a matter that will be settled very soon, because my lawyer is in charge.

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The success of the hit track ‘Double Wahala’ gave you and Oritsefemi fame. How was the journey with him?

My journey with Oritsefemi might have been a fantastic journey. The musical Taliban himself is an ingrate and he is someone that you can’t entrust anything on because he ridiculed my image, just because he want his musical associates and fans to see him like an angel. Our journey could have been better and be the best out of all because I had a lots of plans for him and I have a bigger plan for him. I have a plan to take him even beyond what is seeing and he thought he had arrived; he has not arrived because he has nothing yet, and everything he is riding on now is still my platform.

But many alleged you that the money your made from Terry G is what you invested in Oritsefemi and again, Oritsefemi was like an abandoned person living a miserable life after his hit track titled ‘Mercies of the Lord’ which he did with late indigenous rapper, Dagrin. How did you guys come up together?

First of all, it is not the money I made from Terry G that I invested on Oritsefemi, I have been making money before I met Terry G and I have other businesses that is giving me a lot of money but the bottom line is that I picked Oritsefemi after I left Terry G. When I picked him, he was shuttling between Ajegunle and Ikeja then, he was an Ajegunle boy. Why I picked him up is because he was always pestering me for money. He also says baba please give me money, and depend on my pocket, sometimes twenty thousand or fifty thousand naira, so I see him as a young talent and I see some potentials in him. I felt like since I left Terry G this is another talent that I can actually invest on. I called him and told him that its time that I will work on his project and I picked him up and started promotional work on him. I tried to rebrand him. I bless God that immediately I started, though it took me three months to make the hit song ‘Double Wahala’ a hit, as in three months of promotions and hard promotion before it became what it became today. Along the line, I got some investors and I contacted my contact person in Abuja, who is Mr. Allen Avatar. I contacted him that I want him to invest on Oritsefemi project. I introduced Mr. Allen to open up a label called Avatar Entertainment. We open the label because of Oritsefemi, we sign him as artiste under Avatar Entertainment and he eventually destroy the relationship between me and my investor, Mr. Allen, which was in his process of releasing negative allegation against me. He destroyed our relationship, but I know with time, Mr. Allen would get to know the truth and probably will come back.

Oritsefemi accused you of taking his money and a car, why have you been silent about the allegations?

I was silent because I was so shocked because he actually releases a petition online, TV Stations, Newspapers, HipTV and to many other news medium. I saw the petition by his legal adviser called Omowa. It was a shock to me because I felt embarrassed and I felt like it was a gun shot.

Firstly, maybe Oritsefemi has lost his senses, because the 2014 Vogue Range he was talking about, he was the person that drove it that night. He said I took it away from his house. Maybe he has forgotten that he does not have a house then and then he was sleeping from one hotel to another.

The particular hotel he left that day was Dr. Adewale Ayuba’s hotel, and he slept in room 207, he woke up 1am early in the morning and he was the one that drove the Ranger Rover to the event around Onipan, Lagos, hosted by DJ Ressy. After he finished performing at the show, I drove him and his brother sat beside him in the car.



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