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‘Our critics are always the elderly ones’ – BBNaija’s Queen says, as she advises viewers

Still on the reflection of her time and stay in the Big Brother Naija House, former Shine Ya Eye star, and ex-housemate, Queen Mercy Atang has finalised her post by sharing some pieces of advice to BBNaija viewers.

Queen had earlier in other of her posts appreciated her colleagues, and apologize to some of them she had issues with, in and outside the Biggie’s House.


Then, in this last but not the least update, Queen recounted how, after coming out of the House, she saw all the love and support from people until she picked her phone to see that, t. were also much of the people who are out t. to troll and criticize the Housemates.

Queen noted that criticism and trolling from people have always been challenging to majority of the Housemates, adding that people should desist from it.


She stated that most times, it seems very appalling that those criticism come from the older people who are supposed to be advising the younger ones.

However, she beckons on everyone to understand that Housemates are human and should be treated like other human beings.


Queen’s statement read below.

“Coming out of the house. The love was so overwhelming, I guess maybe because I didn’t get to handle my account. When I finally did. Wawu


“The first new word I learnt from the internet was Queen zuwanike. Ah ah what’s the meaning of Zuwanike. I went to google. I’m sure y’all know the meaning.

“Anyways I didn’t pay much attention and I tried to ignore. But then the dragging and name calling was a lot. I can recall then I use to cry while reading comment. Sometimes I couldn’t breath.


“Thank God for family, and some genuine friends.

“Dear fans take it easy on the housemates. Don’t be so quick to judge. Don’t be so quick to conclude. Some of you are so quick to reading meaning to little things. Stop instigating things. And making housemates quarrel amongst themselves.


“Dear fans we love you and you’re a big part of our journey. Be positive at all times.

“Remember for you it’s an entertainment show, you’re having fun, gisting with your friends and it is a topic of discussion. You argue, you laugh, you pickup your phone and you drop a negative comment.


“For us this is our reality, our life. Some of us have the ability to ignore whatever narrative the viewers come up with, some of us can’t stand it. Especially when it isn’t true.

“Some of you drop comment not minding or thinking about the effect it has on the housemates.


“Sometimes I check out the accounts this comments are coming from, surprisingly It’s always from the elderly ones.

“Dear housemates y’all are doing amazing. I love and appreciate y’all and I’m thankful our path crossed on this journey.


“Wishing y’all nothing but love and success in all your endeavors. See y’all at the top.

“The end.”

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