Our Stunning Makeup Artist – Adedayo Christine of Christine Signatures is married!!!


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Our vendor – Adedayo Christine of Christine Signatures got married this weekend and she looked absolutely stunning. For her traditional wedding, she wore a stunning aso-oke blouse and iro by Depeju Tribes Aso Oke and for her white wedding, she wore a stunning gown by April by Kunbi.

We can’t wait to bring you more pictures from their wedding but first, how stunning did she look!!

Hashtag: #beautyandthebarrister2016

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White Wedding

nigerian-bride-makeup-artist-adedayo-christine-loveweddingsng-1 nigerian-bride-makeup-artist-adedayo-christine-loveweddingsng nigerian-bride-makeup-artist-adedayo-christine-in-april-by-kunbi-loveweddingsng-1 nigerian-bride-makeup-artist-adedayo-christine-in-april-by-kunbi-loveweddingsng

Traditional Wedding

nigerian-traditional-bride-makeup-artist-adedayo-christine-loveweddingsng-10 nigerian-traditional-bride-makeup-artist-adedayo-christine-loveweddingsngnigerian-traditional-bride-makeup-artist-adedayo-christine-loveweddingsng-1 nigerian-traditional-bride-makeup-artist-adedayo-christine-loveweddingsng-2 nigerian-traditional-bride-makeup-artist-adedayo-christine-loveweddingsng-3 nigerian-traditional-bride-makeup-artist-adedayo-christine-loveweddingsng-4 nigerian-traditional-bride-makeup-artist-adedayo-christine-loveweddingsng-5 nigerian-traditional-bride-makeup-artist-adedayo-christine-loveweddingsng-6 nigerian-traditional-bride-makeup-artist-adedayo-christine-loveweddingsng-7


  • Photography: Happy Benson Pixels (HB Pixels) | Instagram
  • Bride’s makeup (White Wedding): Faces by Labisi | Instagram
  • Bride’s hair (White Wedding): Hairssence | Instagram
  • Bride’s makeup (Trad): Beauty & The Beholder Makeovers | Instagram
  • Bride’s Gown & Accessories (White Wedding): April by Kunbi | Instagram
  • Bride’s AsoOke: Depeju Tribes Aso Oke | Instagram

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