Hello Naijaloadites,

Happy New Year 2024 to you all our esteemed fans and loved ones – we so much appreciate all the love and care you showered the FashionStyle brand in 2023, we do not take it for granted.

We appreciate you for sticking with the FashionStyle Brand through thick and think – we promise to do more this New Year to keep you entertained ????????


???? Thanks for visiting/browsing FashionStyle.

???? Thanks for reading all of our Articles and following our updates.


???? We appreciate you for dropping those interesting comments every time, they really helps one way or the other.

???? The Music downloads stats/numbers are crazy – you are the reason we spend Millions monthly to keep our Servers running ????

As a Brand, 2023 had it’s own ups and downs but we thank God, we scaled through courtesy of your Patronages both directly and indirectly.


We think is important we share our Traffic Stats/Numbers with you all for the year 2023.

NL 2023 Traffic Monthly Breakdown

All through the year 2023, every new month, we shared the Traffic stats of the previous month immediately they are available at the beginning of every new month on our website.


We do this so our site users particularly Advertisers can have access to our numbers to help them decide if they would like to work with us or not.

You too can check out our Monthly Traffic breakdown . ????


» Click . to see FashionStyle Monthly Traffic Stats

Below are some Screenshots of our 2023 Stats (Monthly)

???? Click . to see the Full Reports & Screenshots


FashionStyle Total Pageviews in 2023 – 1,456,762,388 Pageviews

We appreciate everything and we look forward to having you around this year.


May God keep you all safe and sound.

2024 will be your best year so far????



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