Pakistan launches first ever Fashion Week for men

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Karachi, 27 May 2013
1. Various shots of models exhibiting designs of Shab’s Couture, the label of designer Faisal and Shabana. The label’s latest offering is a mix of ethnic Pashtun with Baroque style and was part of the designers exhibiting on the first day of the two-day ‘Men’s Fashion’ show organized by Karachi Fashion Week on May 27-28, 2013, at Golf Club DHA, Karachi
2. Shot of audience applauding designer Faisal Fazal of Shab’s Couture
3. Wide shot of designer Faisal Fazal of Shab’s Couture on the ramp surrounded by models wearing his latest collection
4. SOUNDBITE (English/Urdu) Faisal Fazal, Designer, Shab’s Couture:
“What I did is�.that the philosophy that I have�considering the philosophy and the brand ideology of Shab’s Couture, we have experimented with the cuts and the fabric for men’s wear. It’s really common for people to get Sherwanis and suits stitched. All I wanted to do was something different for men’s wear. If we are already exploring with something – hosting Men’s Fashion Week – then why not experiment with the dresses? That’s what I kept in my mind; and I had this strong notion to take the Pathan culture and combine it with the Baroque era to make something very outrageous and something very creative. So I tried to make something; a good collection out of it. I hope people appreciate it. I hope they liked it.”
5. Various shots of models on the ramp the latest collection from the label ‘Shahnameh’
6. Shot of audience members clapping
7. Wide shot of designer Shoaib Khan, representative of ‘Shahnameh’ brand, being escorted on stage by models exhibiting his collection
8. SOUNDBITE (Urdu) Shoaib Khan, Designer, ‘Shahnameh’ Brand:
“Eastern wear shalwar kameez means a bigger market as it is our local, common attire. So, unlike Western (clothing), on which our focus is much greater, but the potential of Eastern (clothing), I’d say, is much greater in Pakistan. This is just a start-up�but we are hoping to clothe everyone in Pakistan with shalwar kameez.”
9. Various shot of models exhibiting the latest collection of ‘Element Jeans’ brand
10. Cut away of fancy lights at the fashion show
11. SOUNDBITE (English) Hassan Shehryar Yasin, Event Choreographer:
“Well, look, at the end of the day local market is more important than international market. You’ve so many buyers! If we just look at the local market itself, it’s massive. International market obviously is very important only when you can start doing your production and when you have the production capability to stock in different stores, make clothes by thousands and hundreds of thousands. But PFDC (Pakistan Fashion Design Council) as a fashion week was the one that established this with women’s wear. Designers who did not have the discipline, who were doing the same thing over and over again� They had no idea that t. was a certain discipline required to create a collection after every six months or even after every three months, every season on the season. And now, they have that discipline. (For) Men’s wear�it’s their first time! I say give them another three seasons and Harvey Nicols will be knocking at your door.
12. Various shots of models backstage getting ready for the fashion show
13. SOUNDBITE (English) Sidra Bukhari, Fine Art Student attending show:
“I liked the last Charles & Keith one�definitely, with different colors and everything considering its summers. So you want to see more colors and everything. I didn’t like much of the Pathan one (referencing Shab’s couture’s collection)�.but then again, everyone has a different taste.”
14. SOUNDBITE (English) Sumra Ahmed, Development Sector Employee attending show:

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