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Pastor Emmanuel & Laju Iren Celebrate Their Anniversary With Stunning Photos And Romantic Notes FS News

Pastor Emmanuel & Laju Iren top Our love story for today ??

Laju Iren wrote;
Love of my life.
I love this photo so much because of its perfect imperfections.
A lot is going on behind the scenes:
You’re being your cheeky self, and I just can’t take it anymore, I forget to suck in belle. Yet in the end, we’re laughing through it all.
It reminds me a lot about our marriage; imperfect perfections.
We can’t seem to agree about who is more stubborn (it’s definitely you though) but we know we’re on the same side.
Many times, t. is a lot going on behind the scenes that we may not fully understand, but in the end, is laughter.

It’s the sexiness and the brilliance of your constant presence beside me, the assurance of my whole being beside you, and that unseen force, His name is God, that binds us together.
Even when we’re not on the same page, we’re two sides of the same coin, heroes in the same book. It’s a book of prophecy, love, adventure and purpose.
Even when we aren’t doing PDA, our hearts beat as one.
Leader of our home, father of our children, gold medalist for best decision after Christ, marrying you set my life on a trajectory of awesome wonder. Happy 7th anniversary @pst_iren




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