Peace Hyde Is All The Curvy Girl Fashion Inspiration You Need


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plus size fashion inspiration

W. my plus sized ladies at? We have some plus size fashion inspiration for you today and Peace Hyde is our muse.

The curvy diva shows us that you can be plus sized and stylish at the same damn time. You don’t have to hide your full figure in oversized clothes that do not fit. Not unless you’re trying to get featured on “How Do I Look” (Naija edition) specially produced because of you.

So take a page or actually take the whole book from Peace Hyde’s fashion looks. We’re sure she won’t mind.

All black everything

All black outfits are always a great idea not just because they’re slimming but because of how effortlessly elegant they make you look. Peace Hyde is no exception with this all black ensemble.

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😁J U S T • B E C A U S E • I • A M… 😁… "Heard that HAPPINESS is the sexiest thing a woman could wear so I decided to wear it INSIDE and OUT."… #OnALivingSpree #FaithItTillYouMakeIt #CurrentlyBuilding #TrustTheProcess #APieceOfPeace #WontHeDoIt #TheJourney #Peace✌🏾 Hair: @HairByJMSBeau Make Up: @JoyceJacob_JJB Outfit: @Aimanoshi_D Shoes: @GianvitoRossi

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Go casual with maxi skirts

Who said plus size figures can’t rock maxi skirts? The key to wearing maxi skirts with patterns is to pair them with solid colours or a white T-shirt like she did. The top should always be tucked in. That way, your waistline is visibly defined.

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👣A L W A Y S • F A I T H W A L K I N G👣… “EVERY place w. you set your foot will be YOURS: Your territory will extend from the desert to Lebanon, and from the Euphrates River to the Mediterranean Sea.” – #Deuteronomy‬11:24‬ – I don’t want to be the person that has to show you fancy cars, bank records, and receipts to PROVE success! I’m the person that will show you how I AUTHENTICALLY and FEARLESSLY walk in MY Purpose, constantly take leaps of FAITH, APPLY Biblical Principles to LIFE, pretty much WORK my tail OFF, and Win GOD’S way!!! You don’t have to sell your soul in ANY FORM! I promise it’s BETTER THIS way! YOU WILL WIN!..#WriteYourStory #FocusOnYOURFocus #Faithwalking #GodsPlan #OnALivingSpree #Thankful #StepByStep #APieceOfPeace #TheJourney #Peace✌🏾

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The classic black dress

Take your black dress up a notch by styling it with a white shirt. The shirt gives an otherwise plain dress an oomph.  And you can easily switch from work to date night by taking off the shirt and replacing the pumps with strappy sandals.

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🙏🏾 🙌🏾 ✨ B E • Y O U R S E L F ✨ 🙌🏾 🙏🏾… NEVER try to HIDE who you are. The only SHAME is to have a shame. ALWAYS stand up for what you BELIEVE IN. Never REGRET the past… It's a WASTE of time. T.'s a REASON for EVERYTHING; every MISTAKE, every moment of WEAKNESS, every TERRIBLE thing that has happened to you. GROW from IT! In your life you will have SO MANY people GIVE UP on you. That does NOT mean you should give up on YOURSELF. Today they will DOUBT YOU, tomorrow they will ASK HOW you did it. If in your mind you BELIEVE that you CAN DO IT then you ARE RIGHT. Get out t. and MAKE IT HAPPEN!..#Thankful #Blessed #Faithwalking #TrustTheProcess #TheFaithWalk #Thankful #Blessed #Faithwalking #TrustTheProcess #CreatingTheLifeYouWant #ImReady #WatchGodWork #WatchGodWork #PutGodFirst #Faithbuilders #Growing #GodIsTheReason #WontHeDoIt #Thoughts #ProvokeGreatness #Faithbuilders #KeepGoing #KeepGrowing #StayFocused #Elevation #WithGodAllIsPossible #PowerInPurpose #PieceOfPeace #lFocus #TheJourney #GodEngineered #HeIsUpToSomething #Kisses💋

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Go bold with a top to bottom monochrome outfit

Monochrome outfits create a one-dimensional effect that could elongate your figure. So think tops and bottoms in the same colour or a dress and matching shoes.

Plus size fashion inspiration

(Photo: Instagram/Peace_hy)

Bare those curves with skinny jeans

Skinny jeans look great on everyone. But regardless of your body type, styling it right is key. For plus-sized women, pair with a loose fitting shirt tucked in to flaunt those curves without appearing like you’re trying too hard.

plus size fashion inspiration

(Photo: Instagram/Peace_hy)

For more plus size fashion inspiration, check out these cocktail dresses that’ll help you make a grand entrance at your next event.

(Featured image: Instagram/peace_hy)

. Peace Hyde Is All The Curvy Girl Fashion Inspiration You Need . fashionstyle.


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