Artquake is about the longest music serving group in the land. Having a musical career that has spanned 15 years, the duo of Adx with the real name Adegbite Adeniran and Adekunle Tomomewo aka Ice-K became popular for the hit song Alanta popularized by the dance step. The group took a hiatus and are now back with ‘Asiko’, ‘Adura’ and ‘Abulelawa’ remix’. The duo spoke to SAMUEL ABULUDE on their music and new label debunking gay rumours peddled against them.

It’s almost the end of the year, how has it been for Artquake?

It has been great, a splendid year I must say. God has been great. I thank God for what we have achieved this year so far, this year we dropped our single and the video ‘Asiko’ featuring Oritsefemi and the song is gaining massive support from fans and media houses. This year we travelled to Atlanta to shoot another video featuring Sound Sultan, we shot another video featuring Reminisce. It’s been work all the way and by God’s grace before the end of this year we will be unveiling the four artistes that was signed to our record label, so it’s been fun and work all the way. The label is called AQ Media and together we are AQ Gang. The unveiling will be coming up soon. In the Gang we have a producer and others not to let he cat out of the bag.

How has it been considering that you guys are about the oldest group?

It has been God oh coupled with the fact that we understand ourselves very well. It’s not like we don’t have issues but we don’t let a third party come in. I met my partner in 1995, that’s about 20 years now. We were doing our ND program in Kwara State polytechnic. I remember how music is been done then, very stressful, nobody to help you. It was very difficult recording songs then. My partner and I understand ourselves because we were friends before becoming partner. For the other group that got separated, obviously the only thing that brought them together was money, they didn’t see beyond money, they didn’t understand themselves well, I believe why are still together is because we see ourselves as brothers, friends and partners. Not like we don’t have issues, we do but understanding, tolerance and maturity has been our watchword. We let maturity . its full cause. There was this issue we had, we were not talking to each other and we had to go on stage the following day. Our manager was so worried, he was concerned about how we are going to flow but at the end of the day, when we were called on stage to perform, we performed like we had no issue, we performed our best and on our way back, we began to talk and laugh like nothing ever happened.

How did you manage controversy?

You see, we didn’t let this thing call ‘fame’ get to us. Controversy can’t pay my bills, it won’t help. We are matured in age and in our career, so why need a controversy? We have matured over time. Controversy is not good for us. Bad as it may be, a lot of people are looking up to us, if we are controversial, what legacy are we laying? And I think naturally we love to behave ourselves, we don’t like to pass our boundary and we always cut our coat according to our material. (Laughing) and God has been faithful.

Tell us our about your private lives?

We are Married (laughing) me Adex, I have two loving boys and a wonderful wife to crown it all, and my partner is also married with two kids, a boy and a girl. Our wives have been our pillar of support, they have had our backs for years, it’s not easy marrying an entertainer but somehow they have managed to stand their grounds. They pray for us. They are wonderful women, our Orentes.

But you guys don’t go out with them?

We used to once in a while. But you might not just know because our wives look very young and pretty, so you won’t know they are our wives. It’s not been easy as an entertainer and you still have a happy home, but God gave us our wives and it’s been blessing all the way. Even while we were dating, my wife and my partner’s wife used to stay with us in a flat, so they have been friends and that made our journey a lot easier. Marriage is not as hard as they make it sound. The most important thing is to be married to your friend and that is what we did and it has been helping us a lot. Our wives trust us so much, so we don’t bother about that.

So how do you guys manage your female fans?

Good, you just called them fans, and to us they are fans and nothing more. We . but there is a limit to where we can ., although some girls will want to push further, but you need to draw the line. We just try not to take advantage of anybody, we always let them know that some artistes are better and appreciate fans as fans, though some artistes don’t know how to do that. In our case, we have seen a lot, both here in Nigeria and outside the shore of this land, so we are just careful about things, we don’t forget our career.

Tell us a little bit about your background?

Me Adex, I’m from a family of eight, six children, I lost my Dad this year and mum many years ago, I went to primary school in Lagos, secondary in Lagos, then my ND in Kwara state and my HND in….I studied Accounting while my partner studied marketing, when we were singed under little fish record, all those things came to ., we marketed ourselves (laughing). I think I took after my Dad because he was also a musician in his days, but many people dint know that about me.

You guys are yet to have an endorsement, how do you feel about that?


Well, it is only natural that we allow God have is way, I think aside Tuface, no old artist has gotten an endorsement, we the old artist were not opportune to have this privilege that the younger ones have now, we are not saying if it comes we won’t accept it! But we can’t be faster than our shadows, we believe in no distance time it will come. We have paid our dues in this industry, so I think it’s time to start reaping. You know like they say ‘wine gets sweeter when it is getting old’ (laughing)

How well can you guys say music has paid your bills?

We really thank God, believe me, music has paid us very well, we are living well, it has paid our bills, I earlier stated that we are about unveiling four artistes that is singed to our label, so you can see that music has really helped us. Through music we have been able to get a well equip studio, we are also into car dealing, it has been very sweet I won’t lie to you, I manage event as well, all we got it from music. When we started, we never thought we will make money from music, but we have actually made money.

What is the wildest thing you guys have heard about yourselves on media?

They mostly talk about two things; some people say we are gay, while some say we took oaths (juju). Common, how can people thing of such about your fellow human? It’s funny but it’s okay for them to say and assume what they like. We are married with wonderful kids, and we do not need an oath to stay together as partner or team, understanding and maturity has been our bedrock, so please people should note that about us. It is only dead people that people don’t get to talk about. If you are an entertainer and people don’t talk about you. That mean you are not doing something fantastic. So it is normal and natural for people to talk.

Have you ever been approached by any gay?

Well, that would be when I travelled to America, though not really directly, I went for a party and one came to me and said. Oh! I like you, I like your body build and my wife who is based in America now said to me ‘Den De, this is part of them’ she said it in Yoruba and we laughed.

So what do you think about Gay?

It is annoying, it is forbidden. It is crazy and very silly for anybody to indulge in it. How can you be romancing your fellow man or woman? It is so crazy to imagine, I can’t just stand it, it is just the signs of end-time, but I’m sure God will see us through.

Who are those artistes you guys are looking forward to work with?

A lot my dear, I don’t want to mention names because at the end if it’s doesn’t work out, it will look like we don’t know what we are saying, but we have loads of them in mind, and again, the lyric of a song will determine who we are featuring.

Has fame changed or deprived you of anything?

Yes oh! Sometimes I will like to go to the market myself and buy things for myself, but for some reasons I can’t, sometimes I like to go to that Amala joint, but I can’t, I am really a free person, I don’t like fame get to my head.


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