Celebrity stylist Swanky Jerry has taken to social media to reveal that he was handsomely paid for styling Fatima Dangote and her husband Jamil Abubakar for their wedding which took place a few days ago. The celebrity stylist had shared a post from Jamil thanking him for his help during the wedding, a post Swanky Jerry captioned; If I say how much I was paid on this job now people will say I’m bragging…… but hey it was my pleasure …… #famil2018 NOTE THAT I WAS PAID MORE THAN ENOUGH TO FLY IN THE BIGGEST HOLLYWOOD STYLIST SO MUCH MORE ? MUCH MORE ??‍♂️?????? #weddingstylist #swankyjerry#noswankynostyling.”  Swanky, who ranks as one of the most sort after celebrity stylists in the country, had in an earlier post appreciated American comedian Kevin Hart for celebrating his stylist. Sharing a photo of Kevin and his stylist, he wrote; ”This post is everything and more ….. Funny how everyone was busy congratulating Virgil Abloh but won’t give credit to their local hair stylist,tailor , makeup artist fashion stylist or fashion designer but are quick to want to affiliate with black people breaking grounds in Hollywood ?…. start from you , start from . . Appreciate your creative team at home who put in work to make you look good . And when they do something great celebrate them , give them credit … appreciate them ….. clap for them publicly not in their DMs .show the world their talent and encourage them to do more .Wonder why we are where we are ? Kevin hart has over 54 million followers yet won’t feel to big to clap for his stylist who got featured on a monthly publication ,yet I don’t see you all posting your barber who got a new shop , or your makeup artist who opened a new studio, or your stylist who gets recognition across africa , My respect for this man just went up over 100 .they say one who is appreciated will definitely do more .I’m happy that black people are breaking grounds congrats to everyone winning. But we as a people must do better . well Virgil replied KM but still don’t care about you all . #shakingtables.”  Photo Credit: Getty

. People Will Say I Am Bragging Now – Celebrity Stylist Swanky Jerry On Jamil Abubakar And Fatima Dangote’s Wedding . FashionStyle.


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