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Pere most attractive, Boma most caring, Whitemoney kindest, my spec – BBNaija’s Queen writes


Former Big Brother Naija season 6 Shine Ya Eye star and ex-housemate, Queen Mercy Atang, has written a compelling piece about her colleagues, and three ex-Shine Ya Eye male Housemates, Pere, Boma and Whitemoney.

Queen posted this via her Instagram page, w. she appreciated each and everyone of them, for their love and care throughout her stay in the Big Brother Naija House.

Starting off her post, Queen recounted the breathtaking moment she walked into the Biggie’s House for the first time in her lifetime, and saw a beautifully decorated space.


Queen remembered how Saga was the very first Housemate to welcome her when she entered the House and took her to the blue room.

Writing further, Queen expressed that Pere was the first guy he got attracted to, seeing he’s broad, tall, with white teeth, and cute smile.


And coming to Boma, Queen wrote that he was the first person who took her to the dressing room, to show her the space he created for her belongings, adding that she thanked him for caring so much.

Now, while she enjoys her first day in Biggie’s House, Queen noted that she sighted a light skinned guy (Whitemoney) mopping the kitchen and decided to go and help him. As she approached him, he told her not to worry, he would handle it.


Then, going further, Queen confessed that Whitemoney, whom she knew was her kind of man, her spec, allowed her to eat from her provisions as she hasn’t earned the Abeg Naira to start buying her own items.

Queen added that Whitemoney was the kindest person she met in the Big Brother Naija House, because he considered her in everything he does.


Queen wrote; “Getting into biggies house. What a beautiful colorful space.. I was first welcomed by @sagadeolu he took me to the blue room.

“I started asking myself questions. What am I really doing .. Why am I not home watching and enjoying the show as others.


“I quickly told the voice in my head shut up. This is big brothers house, one place I’ve dreamt of.

“Anyways I gave myself one week to stay. At least y’all will know my name. Then after that I can tell biggie I wanted to leave it wasn’t funny, my second week in the house, I was like one more week. Atleast They will know you more, guys that was how I kept encouraging myself in my head never to go for a volunteering exist.


“Now my stay in biggies house..

“My darling @pereegbiofficial was the first guy I got attracted to. Dude was so tall, broad, white set of teeth and had a cute smile. Biggie why.


“Anyways I looked away and the next thing I saw another tall, cute, well muscled guy with dreadlocks walked up to me @bomaakpore and said hi dear, I made a space for you in the dressing room. I was shocked he cared to do that for me. I was like thank you. He said, can I show you the space? I said yes. He then took me to the dressing room.

“I looked away and I was still enjoying my first stay in biggies house when I noticed another guy this time, an average height, light skin guy with beards. He was mopping the kitchen floor. I was like nawah see my spec.


“Any ways I rushed to him to get the mopping stick from him to help him finish up. He said no don’t worry I can handle it. I was shocked he was really taking the kitchen work serious. Immediately @bomaakpore told me not to worry. He has been handling the kitchen affairs and he’s really good.

“Interesting.. As I spent more days in the house. this dude was so kind he allowed me eat from his provision that week cos I didn’t have money to purchase mine yet as a new housemates.”


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