Perfect Brows? .’s How To Nail Them With Pencil


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Brows done super fleek get your makeup to a 100% without even trying too much. When done well, they light up the face in a way where almost every application afterwards is a breeze. It basically sets a tone for any makeup look so how’s yours doing?

Brows for beginners (aka those who can’t deal with makeup application not to mention defining that area of the face) can be tricky but when broken down in easy steps, they stay with you forever and we are doing just that for you and of course we are starting with the good old pencil! There are different ways to get the perfect ones but pencil works well for beginners and it’s easy to use. For best results, know what shape best suits your face in order to get a flattering overall look.


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.’s a step-by-step guide to get started using pencil

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  • Moisturize the face, leaving out the brows. For best results, brush them with translucent powder/primer to set it.
  • Brush the brows with a spoolie along their natural lines
  • Gently trace along the bottom using light strokes following the natural arch (don’t start from the edge but the arch) with a pencil that matches your skintone
  • Gently trace the upper part with light strokes
  • Gently fill in the sparse areas with the brow pencil
  • Brush the brows to get rid of any harsh lines and set the brows naturally
  • Neaten with a concealer underneath to define the areas and the browbone (do the top too if you want otherwise use a foundation in your shade to neaten the top area)
  • Go ahead with the rest of your makeup!


(A cheat; Davis pencil works perfect at just a N100 and can get it .). How do you nail yours? Shop a range of eye pencils ..

Perfect Brows? Here’s How To Nail Them With Pencil

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