[Photos] 10 Natural Hairstyles You Can Wear To Work


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Are you ready to go to work and have no idea what to do with your hair? Here are 10 nice natural hair styles for work, where you can have fun with your hair but still look professional.

hair for work fashionpheeva 14-09-2015.JPG1

1. Braids pulled back – If you are rocking braids or twist you can make a nice twist in the front and pull the rest of your hair back.

hair for work fashionpheeva 14-09-2015.JPG7

2. Bantu Knot- This may take preparation the . night but if you like loose curls you can obtain this look and be on your way.

hair for work fashionpheeva 14-09-2015.JPG8

3. Locks– If you have locks, or even twist, you can pull them all to one side and make a cute twist towards the back of your hair

hair for work fashionpheeva 14-09-2015.JPG3

4. TWA – Just rock a short and natural afro and still obtain the sophisticated and professional look that you want.

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hair for work fashionpheeva 14-09-2015.JPG9
5. Twist out– You can never go wrong with an excellent twist out but why not have fun with it?  You can pull your twist to one side, add a braid and you are ready to work!

hair for work fashionpheeva 14-09-2015.JPG5

 6. Bun – The high bun works as well.  Simple but charming and professional.

hair for work fashionpheeva 14-09-2015.JPG6

7. Flat Twist: The flat twist a a nice style to wear to work, and to think its also a protective style.

hair for work fashionpheeva 14-09-2015.JPG4

8. Natural Mane: You can carry your natural hair to work the way it is without any manipulation, just take it back in a fro with a headband.

hair for work fashionpheeva 14-09-2015.JPG2

9. Big Braids: This you can do when time is against you, split your hair into two and plait it in two big braid, gel your edges and your good to go.

hair for work fashionpheeva 14-09-2015.JPG0

10. Faux Hawk Updo: Easy and simple, yet very elegant for work.

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