[Photos] 5 Tips To Having Strong And Beautiful Nails


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Everyone loves having beautiful nails, in order to maintain the beauty of your nails here are a few tips to keep your nails strong and beautiful.

1. Make your nail polish last longer by using vinegar,  take vinegar on cotton balls and swipe it on your unpolished nails and then apply nail polish. By doing this, your nail polish will stay longer on your nails..

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2. Are your nails splitting? This could be because of calcium deficiency. For this you can add calcium rich food in your diet. You can also boil eggs and use their shell powder daily in your breakfast by mixing it with milk or curd.

nails 14-9-15 fashionpheeva

3. For proper cuticle care don’t forget to use cuticle oil daily. At least use cuticle twice a day to get healthy cuticles and beautiful nails.

4. File your nails in one direction only. Use a 240 grit filer if you want to file your nails and don’t use metal filers as they are harmful for your nails.

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5. Always use acetone free formula based nail polish remover. As it is very harsh to your nails, Acetone dries out the nails and thus damages its surface.

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