[Photos] 5 Tips To Keep Your Engagement Ring Looking New For A Long Time.


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Essentially, its ideal to keep the engagement ring physically separated from all activities that might potentially damage it, your ring can similarly be affected by the hundreds of products we come into contact with everyday, so take not of the following tips…

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– Take your ring off for all hands on activities in the kitchen so bits of food does not get stuck in it.

– Remove your ring when applying everyday lotions such as sunscreen, moisturizers and perfume. These can clog up your diamonds

– Remove your ring when making contact with any water, which includes washing your hands and showering. This can ‘age’ the metal faster, meaning that you’ll need to take it for a professional cleaning more often, which cost a lot of money.

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– When you do have your wedding ring off, remember to store it in a safe place. It’s the last thing you’ll want to misplace. Remember to keep diamonds in a separate place from your other jewelery so as to avoid scratches.

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– Have your ring professionally cleaned every 1-2 years to get the same effect of original shine.


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