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[PHOTOS] Best ankara kaftan dresses with stones for Nigerian beauties

Read about Ankara kaftan gowns with stones. If you like a combination of comfort and beautiful image, then kaftan dress is for you. See photos with bright outfits. Be inspired by new ideas and create your own unique look with Ankara kaftan stoned dress.

Ankara kaftan gowns with stones

Of course, free-cut dresses are not a new fashion trend. This trend also takes serious positions in the season 2018. T.fore, such dresses cannot be ignored.

Ankara kaftan long gown with stones

Ankara kaftan styles with free tailoring are suitable for women of any age. It’s very comfortable clothing. Such gowns are made of various fabrics. The main thing is to choose the right style.

Ankara free kaftan gown with stones

Ankara kaftan gowns with stones

But today we pay attention to different dresses Ankara kaftan dresses with stones. Kaftan styles have been known since time immemorial. They have always been popular in African and Asian countries. Creating this kind of gown is easy.

Kaftan dress is also very comfortable to wear. It’s quite spacious and allows the body to breathe. Kaftans were often decorated with embroidery or adorned with stones and beads. Comfortable and beautiful kaftan gowns occupy an honourable place in the wardrobe of every self-respecting lady.

Ankara kaftan stoned dress

Blue Ankara kaftan gown with stones

Photo from

Kaftan gowns tailoring

Firstly, let’s pay attention to the tailoring. Kaftan dress always have a free cut. Kaftan gown usually doesn’t have a clearly marked waistline. And the waist is slightly overstated in such dresses. The simplicity of cut is a distinctive feature of sleeves in a Kaftan dress.

Ankara stoned kaftan gown with decor

Picture from https:/

The gown’s neckline is usually round or V-shaped. Modern options of kaftan dresses can be of different lengths. The classic variant has a maxi length. But t. are midi and short variants and even ultra-short styles.

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Kaftan dresses colours

Modern styles of kaftan gowns are rich in a bright colours. Besides, the relevant tones are domineering red, charming lilac, persistent blue, glamorous pink, bright silver and gold colours as well as many others.

Patterns of Ankara kaftan dresses for 2018:

  • floral
  • geometrical
  • ornate
  • animal print
Ankara kaftan gown with stones and trim

Decoration with stones

We have found with the patterns and trend colours. Now we turn to decoration with stones, beads, and sequins. Most Ankara styles for women have a bright colour palette, consisting of several tones and also a bright ornament or pattern. T.fore, place the stones’ décor on such caftan gown very carefully and neatly. Besides, ensure that the bright pattern of Ankara fabric does not interrupt and cover the beauty of stones and sequins.

How to make a kaftan dress elegant and refined and at the same time not overdo with decoration?

We have two methods.

Ankara kaftan maxi gown with stones

Ankara kaftan maxi gown with stones, picture from

The first way

Take the ready-made caftan dress and evenly embroider the entire gown or its upper part with small and equal-sized shiny stones. Let it be barely visible silvery rhinestones shimmering in the sun. The hemline of the dress, the edging of the sleeves and neckline can be embroidered with greater frequency. In this case, the stones will not cover the Ankara pattern and give the whole dress a uniform radiance and shine. It turns out very beautifully.

The second way

Make an insert in the décolleté zone and on the sleeves of a caftan gown. It can be one-coloured chiffon or lace with a small pattern. Now, embroider such inset with stones of any size, making up a pattern of any complexity with their help. In this case, you can use stones that have different sizes and structure. Besides, sequins and beads are also relevant. Such decor looks great, and your outfit transforms in very festive and elegant item.

The free cut of Ankara kaftan styles can smooth out all the protruding parts of the body and create comfort. Moreover, Ankara kaftan gowns with stones create feminine images for all occasions.


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