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What are top Ankara styles for wedding occasion? You open the wardrobe, and the first thought is ‘I have nothing to wear again.’ This topic is familiar to almost all the girls on the planet. We are ready to save you. See the best looks and create beautiful images for a wedding event.

Top Ankara styles for wedding occasion

The evening dress style dictates its rules. The outfit for wedding occasion must be exquisite but not flashy, solemn but not provocative. T. is a great variety of evening clothes’ trendy styles. It’s important to choose one for your personality.

Top Ankara styles for wedding occasion

Female outfits for wedding occasion: trendy dresses

In the 1950s, a dress for special events was considered as elegant, if it was sewn from expensive fabric, such as satin or silk, in contrast to gowns for everyday made of wool or cotton. Today, the dress looks different. The most advanced designers create such dresses from bright Ankara fabrics loved by Nigerian ladies.

Top Ankara images for wedding occasion

Photo from www.weddingdigestnaija.com

Top Ankara designs for wedding

Picture from www.weddingdigestnaija.com

Top Ankara styles for wedding occasion

The colour and print of Ankara outfit should attract attention, even if you are in the opposite side of the hall. The attire’s tone must stand out among the plenty of expected colours.

Ankara styles for wedding

Picture from www.lifestyle.ng

When selecting clothes of latest Ankara styles for events, do not put fashion above good cut. Take the size that suits you (don’t buy an item two sizes smaller hoping to lose your extra pounds before an occasion). Then go to a good tailor who will give a truly impeccable look to your outfit.

Ankara gowns wardrobe

The successfully selected gown can transform an ordinary woman into a real goddess.

Let’s look at the latest trends of Ankara dresses.

Ankara mallet dress for wedding occasion

Photo from www.weddingdigestnaija.com

Mallet dresses

The tailoring of this gown differs with multi-level hem. Such design has some advantages. It’s suitable for women of any shape.

Ankara dress with frills

Gowns with multi-tiered frills, folds, ruffles and flounces

Dresses with these elements are perfect for wedding events. At the same time, folds, ruches, and flounces can be on various parts of a dress: on the décolleté, waist, and sleeves, etc. Details can be almost invisible or look like a real waterfall, shimmering with all the rainbow colours.

Ankara mermaid style for wedding

Picture from www.dresscodesworld.com

Mermaid style dresses

Long dresses with a mermaid silhouette have already become classics. We constantly see them at various awards and celebrations of the most important events. They are worn by the Nollywood stars on the red carpet festivals.

Ankara bustier gown

Photo from www.fashionstyle.ng

Bando and bustier gown

At present, Nigerian women don’t deny the pleasure of showing their décolleté. Moreover, t. are many items of wardrobe on sale, which, if necessary, can be used for closing the open parts of the body: boa, shawls, and tippets.

Ankara short dress

Short models of evening dresses

Currently, most girls choose gowns for wedding of midi length.

Let’s get acquainted with the most popular models of short gowns 2018:

Ankara dress-case for wedding occasion

Picture from www.lifestyle.ng


It has a semi-adjacent silhouette and doesn’t have a horizontal cut line. The dress has vertical tucks. Such tailoring slightly stretches the silhouette.

Ankara balloon gown for wedding occasion

Source: fashionstyle.ng

Balloon gown

The dress name was given due to the unusual oval shape of the skirt. It can have flared or straight tailoring, like a ‘wide tube.’ In the waist area, the textile can be gat.d into small folds. The hem is folded and sewed to the underdress. Due to this, an original volume is formed. The top is made like a corset. The shoulders can be both open and closed. The neckline can be of any shape.

Ankara babydoll dress for wedding occasion

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Photo from www.zaineey.com

Babydoll dress

Such style is ideal for slender young girls. As a rule, it has ruches, sleeves-lanterns, and various bows.

Ankara style for plus size ladies

Picture from fashionstyle.ng

Gowns for plus size ladies

A plump woman can also look spectacular and charming with Ankara fashion. A dress selected properly can gently emphasize the waist and hide the extra pounds on the thighs.

Ankara gown for plus size

Ankara gown for plus size, photo from www.fashionstyle.ng

The appropriate Ankara styles for plus size ladies:

  • Greek style
  • Empire style
  • Boho-chic style

Ankara style with decor for wedding occasion

Photo from www.fashionstyle.ng

Certainly, a dress is a classic outfit for a wedding. But skirt and blouse can also be very smart.

So, let’s see what blouses are suitable for a wedding ceremony.

Ankara skirt and blouse

Picture from www.maboplus.com

Ankara skirt and blouse

Without a doubt, it should be very beautiful and festive option. The blouse must necessarily have one or more spectacular decorative elements.

Blouses with voluminous sleeves

Large volumes, free silhouette, and large sleeves – all this we can see not the first season. Blouses with a voluminous sleeve are mostly designed for a special occasion.

Ankara blouses with asymmetrical tailoring

Trendy blouses with asymmetrical tailoring

Asymmetry continues to win wardrobes confidently. Any detail of such blouse can be tailored with asymmetry.

Ankara blouse with open shoulders

Ankara blouse with open shoulders, photo from www.zaineey.com

Blouses with open shoulders

This trend continues to be on demand. It’s not the first season that the neckline is made lower and lower.

Top Ankara styles for wedding occasion

Top Ankara styles for wedding occasion, photo maboplus.com

Ankara skirt and blouse style for wedding

Ankara skirt and blouse style for wedding, photo from www.maboplus.com

Ankara skirt for wedding occasion

Photo from www.dezangozone.com

Unique Ankara styles for skirts

For such event as a wedding, the midi and maxi skirt length is appropriate.

Ankara midi skirt for wedding occasion

Picture from www.dresscodesworld.com

For example, if your blouse is voluminous and richly decorated, then it goes to a pencil-skirt of simple tailoring or maxi straight skirt.

Ankara outfit for wedding

Ankara outfit for wedding, photo from fashionstyle.ng

Choosing an outfit for someone else’s wedding, in any case, try to observe the sense of proportion. You can specify in advance whether the host party has any reservations about the dress code. Bright Ankara styles for ladies will help you to create unforgettable image.


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